Montana Two-Year College Transfer Guide

Gallatin College - Montana State University

GCCarroll College
ACTG 101Accounting Procedures I4BA 189Business Elective---
ACTG 102Accounting Procedures II4BA 189Business Elective---
ACTG 122Accounting and Business Decisions3BA 189Business Elective---
ACTG 125Quickbooks3BA 189Business Elective---
ACTG 180Payroll Accounting3BA 189Business Elective---
ACTG 205Computerized Accounting3BA 289Business Elective---
AHMA 201Medical Assisting Clinical Procedures I4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMA 203Medical Assisting Clinical Procedures II3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMA 280Medical Assisting Exam Preparation1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMA 298Medical Assisting Externshipn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 100Math Applications for Allied Health Professionals3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 108Health Data Content & Structure3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 144Medical Terminology3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 156Medical Billing Fundamentals4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 158Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Healthcare4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 160Beginning Procedural Coding3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 162Beginning Diagnosis Coding3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 220Medical Office Procedures3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 250Advanced Medical Coding3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AHMS 298Internshipn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
AMGT 127Business Office Procedures3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ANTY 223Anthropology, Pop Culture and Everyday Life3AN 289Anthropology ElectiveSocial Science--
ARCH 121Introduction to Design3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ASTR 110Introduction to Astronomy3AS 102AstronomyNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
AVFT 121Aviation Fundamentals3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AVFT 122Private Pilot - Flight2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AVFT 123Private Pilot - Basic Air Navigation3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AVFT 130Meteorology for Aviation3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AVFT 141Advanced Navigation Systems3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AVFT 142Instrument Flight2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AVFT 143Instrument Ground3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AVFT 150Aviation Operations3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AVFT 171Aircraft Systems for Pilots3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AVFT 245Commercial Ground3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AVFT 250Commercial Flight 1 Single Engine4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AVFT 251Commercial Flight 2 Single Engine4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AVFT 252Commercial Flight 14WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AVFT 253Commercial Flight 24WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AVFT 260Aviation Safety3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AVFT 261Flight Instructor Theory3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AVFT 262Advanced Aircraft Theory3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AVFT 263Aviation Regulations and Professional Conduct3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
AVFT 282Certified Flight Instructor Flight1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
BGEN 194Seminarn/cCASE BY CASE----
BGEN 235Business Law3BA 289Business Elective---
BGEN 242Introduction to International Business3BA 289Business Elective---
BIOB 100Organism Function (no lab)3BI 189Biology Elective(no lab)---
BIOH 112Human Form and FunctIon I3BI 189Biology Elective---
BIOH 113Human Form and Function II3BI 189Biology Elective---
BMGT 210Small Business Entrepreneurship3BA 289Business Elective---
BMGT 215Human Resource Managementn/cBA 289Business Elective---
BMGT 235Managementn/cBA 289Business Elective---
BMKT 112Applied Sales3BA 189Business Elective---
BMKT 225Marketingn/cBA 289Business Elective---
BMKT 240Advertising3BA 289Business Elective---
CAPP 120Introduction to Computers3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CHMY 121Introduction to General Chemistry4CH 111Essentials of Chemistry:- GeneralNatural Science with Lab (if lab is taken)--
COMX 102Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace1CO 189Communication Elective---
COMX 106Communicating in a Dynamic Workplace2CO 189Communication Elective---
COMX 115Introduction to Interpersonal Communication3CO 101Basic CommunicationBasic Communications--
COMX 222Professional Communicationn/cCO 225Professional Communication---
CSCI 107The Joy and Beauty of Computing3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSCI 214Server-Side Web Programming & Administrationn/cCS 289Computer Science Elective---
CSTN 148Blueprint Reading, Codes and Estimating2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 173Architectural Construction and Materials3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CSTN 248Plans Examining 2 - IBC - Commercial Codes, Blueprint Reading and Estimating3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 102Introduction to Culinary Artsn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 103Professional Chef I4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 104Professional Chef II4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 105Food Service Sanitation2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 157Pantry and Garde Manger3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 161Meats and Vegetables3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 247Bar and Beverage Management3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 250Hospitality Supervision3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 255Montana Meats and Charcuterie3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 270Purchasing and Cost Controls4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
CULA 298Internship3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DDSN 101CAD 1-A2ENGR 189Engineering Elective---
DDSN 102CAD 1-B2ENGR 189Engineering Elective---
DDSN 112Professional Practices3LAS 189Liberal Arts Elective---
DDSN 113Technical Drafting3ENGR 189Engineering Elective---
DDSN 114Introduction to CAD3ENGR 189Engineering Elective---
DDSN 118CAD I4ENGR 189Engineering Elective---
DDSN 124Descriptive Geometry4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DDSN 131Introduction to Drafting and Design3ENGR 189Engineering Elective---
DDSN 135Solidworksn/cENGR 189Engineering Elective---
DDSN 186CAD II3ENGR 189Engineering Elective---
DDSN 236Design Challenges3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DDSN 244GIS Mapping3GIS 110Introduction to GIS---
DDSN 255Machine Drafting3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DDSN 256SDS/2 Structural Detailingn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
DDSN 275Computer Rendering3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DDSN 276Presentation and Animation (=376)3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DDSN 285Aerospace Drafting3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DDSN 298Cooperative Education/Internship4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
DDSN 299Capstone3CASE BY CASE----
ECHM 205Energy and Sustainability3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ECNS 100Personal Economics3EC 189Economics Elective---
ECNS 101Economic Way of Thinking3EC 106Survey of EconomicsSocial Science--
EDU 211Multicultural Education3ED 289Education Elective---
EDU 222Educational Psychology and Child Development3ED/PSY 229Educational PsychologySocial Science--
EDU 223Educational Psychology and Adolescent Development3ED/PSY 229Educational Psychology---
ETEC 101AC/DC Electronics In/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 106AC Circuit Analysisn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 113Circuits Labn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 245Digital Electronics4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
ETEC 250Solid State Electronics I4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
FRCH 102Elementary French II4FR 102Elementary French II-GD-
GPHY 141Geography of World Regions3GEOG 202World Regional GeographySocial Science--
HDFS 101Individual and Family Development and Well Being: Lifespan3SO 189Sociology Elective---
HSTA 102American History II4HI 122History of the United States IIHistory--
HTH 140Pharmacology for Health Care Providers3HS 189Health Sciences Elective---
IDSN 101Introduction to Interior Design3LAS 189Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 110History of Design I Ancient -19003LAS 189Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 111History of- Design II 1900 -Contemporary3LAS 189Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 122Textiles and Interior Finishes3LAS 189Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 130Interior Design Graphics3LAS 189Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 131Presentation Drawing3LAS 189Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 135Fundamentals of Space Planning3LAS 189Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 150Digital Technology Labn/cLAS 189Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 225Light, Color, and Lighting Systems3LAS 289Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 230Interior Architectural CAD4LAS 289Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 240Studio I Residential4LAS 289Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 250Studio II Commercial4LAS 289Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 266Kitchen and Bath I4LAS 289Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 275Professional Practices3LAS 289Liberal Arts Elective---
IDSN 298Internshipn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
ITS 110Introduction to Networking and Cabling3CS 189Computer Science Elective---
ITS 163Windows- Configuration4CS 189Computer Science Elective---
ITS 164Networking Fundamentals3CS 189Computer Science Elective---
ITS 218Network Security4CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 224Introduction To Linux4CS 289Computer Science Elective---
ITS 280Computer Repair and Maintenance4CS 289Computer Science Elective---
LIT 110Introduction to Literature3ENLT 215Introduction to LiteratureLiterature--
LIT 285Mythologies3ENLT 215Introduction to LiteratureLiterature--
M 105Contemporary Mathematicsn/cMA 105Introduction to Contemporary Mathematical ApplicationsMathematics--
M 108Business Mathematics3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 111Technical Mathematics3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 145Mathematics for the Liberal Arts3MA 105Introduction to Contemporary Mathematical ApplicationsMathematics--
M 5Co-Requisite Support for M105Q Contemporary Mathematics1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 65Prealgebra4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 66Prealgebra Lab1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 85Prealgebra (TRIO)3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 88Mathematical Literacy4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 96Survey of Algebra3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
M 97Surv of Alg (Mastery Learning)5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 103Intro to CAM Level 1 Immerse 2learn2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 104Introduction to Computer Aided Manufacturing Level 23WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 120Blueprint Reading and Intrepretation for Machining2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 122Introduction to CAM3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 130Machine Shop3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 160Machine Shop In/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 230Tooling and Fixtures Used in CNC2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 231CNC Turning Operations Level 13WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 232CNC Turning Programming and Operations Level 23WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 234CNC Milling Operations Level 13WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 235CNC Milling Programming and Operations Level 23WILL NOT TRANSFER----
MCH 260Machine Shop IIn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
MUSI 103Fundamentals of Musical Creation3MUS 189Music ElectiveFine Arts--
MUSI 203American Popular Music3MUS 165American Popular MusicFine Arts- 
NASX 205Native Americans in Contemporary Society3SO 289Sociology Elective-ND-
NUTR 221Basic Human Nutrition3NU 289Nursing Elective---
PHL 101Introduction to Philosophy3Phil 101Perspectives in PhilosophyPhilosophy--
PHL 110Introduction to Ethics3PHIL 107TIntroduction to EthicsPhilosophy--
PHL 205Other Animals3Phil 289Philosophy Elective-- 
PLTT 201Laser Systems and Applications I5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
PLTT 202Laser Systems and Applications II3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
PLTT 298Internship/Cooperative Education5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
PSYX 100Introduction to Psychology3PSY 105General PsychologySocial Science--
PSYX 235Contemporary Issues in Human Sexuality3Psy/Gndr 310Human Sexuality-- 
RBPF 100Residential Building Performance Seminar1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
RBPF 103Weatherization Installer Technician Fundamentals2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
RBPF 104Weatherization Installer Technician Intermediate2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
RBPF 110Applied Energy Efficiency Math1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
RBPF 116Energy Applied Health and Safety2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
RBPF 121Insulation Systems and Applications2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
RBPF 124Residential Green Design-Build2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
RBPF 134Single Family Energy Auditor2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
RBPF 140Heating Systems for Energy Auditors and Inspectors2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
RBPF 160Building Performance Software2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
RBPF 170Renewable Energy Concepts2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
RBPF 180Building Performance Institute Certification Prep2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
RBPF 181Combustion Appliances2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
RBPF 189Building Performance Industry Certification Prep2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
RBPF 198Coop Education/Internshipn/cWILL NOT TRANSFER----
SIGN 120Sign Language I3FL 189Foreign Language Elective---
SOCI 101Introduction to Sociology3SO 101Introduction to SociologySocial Science--
SOCI 150Social Difference3SO 189Sociology Elective-- 
SOCI 201Social Problems3SO 200Social ProblemsSocial ScienceND-
STAT 216Introduction to Statistics3MA 207Elementary StatisticsMathematics--
WLDG 106Metal Fabrication Methods6WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 110Welding Theory I1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 111Welding Theory I Practical5WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 117Blueprint Reading and Welding Symbols2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 120Welding Theory II1WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 121Welding Theory II Practical3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 122Welding Theory III Practical6WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 130Introduction to Structural Welding3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 145Fabrication Basics3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 151Shop Practices3WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 185Welding Qualification Test Preparation4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 205Applied Metallurgy2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WLDG 281Weld Testing Certification Lab2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WRIT 1Co-Req Support for WRIT 101W2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WRIT 101College Writing I3ENWR 102College Composition IIComposition--
WRIT 104Workplace Communications2WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WRIT 80Building Basic Writing Skills4WILL NOT TRANSFER----
WRIT 95Developmental Writing4WILL NOT TRANSFER----