Transferable Coursework

Working on a transferable AA or AS?

Students transferring to Carroll with an earned transferable AA or AS will have fulfilled the core requirements.  The only core classes required of students transferring with an AA or AS are TH 101 and one philosophy class.  If students have taken a philosophy course,  then the philosophy requirement will have been met and only TH 101 will be required in addition to the major requirements and completing a total (including transfer work) of 122-semester credits for the Carroll BA or BS. 

Helena College and Flathead Valley Community College Transfer Students

If you are transferring from Helena College or Flathead Valley Community College, please use the appropriate transfer guide as a reference to determine course equivalents.

Transfer Credit Policy

Any student who has attempted 19 or more college semester credit hours after graduating from high school is considered to be a transfer student at Carroll College.   Carroll accepts credits from regionally accredited colleges and universities as outlined below: 

  • You must have earned a C- or better in an academic course that is college level (100 level or higher at most institutions) to earn transfer credit at Carroll.
  • Generally, we will not accept ESL, professional or vocationally-oriented courses.
  • A maximum of 62 lower-level semester or 93 quarter credits can be transferred to Carroll. This includes any credit granted for Advanced Placement exam scores, International Baccalaureate exam scores, and any credit allowed for military service.
  • Any postsecondary coursework taken within 15 years of being admitted or readmitted to the College will be included in the transfer analysis.  Please note that the nursing program requires coursework to have been taken within the last 5 years.  
  • At least one-half of the credits required for your chosen major or minor must be earned at Carroll.
  • Courses which are transferable, but do not meet Core or major requirements,  will be credited as elective credits and will be counted toward the total number of credits needed for graduation.
  • An official evaluation of your transcript(s) and credits will be provided to you after you are admitted to Carroll.