Meet Our Students

Meet Our Students

Students at Carroll are offered a very personalized experience; tailoring their academic program to their skills, interests, and the fields that they would like to grow in. Carroll students are encouraged to expand their current skill set beyond what they already are comfortable in; actors trying technical aspects, technicians designing, it's your choice when you come to Carroll.

connor-jones.jpgConnor Jones - Master Electrician 

Computer Science(M)/Theatre(M)

Connor is a junior from Denver, Colorado. He decided to attend Carroll to pursue a degree in Computer Science. Becoming involved in the student one act plays Short Not Sweet soon led to Connor trying lighting design and theatre tech. Connor's diverse interest led him to try everything: designing lights for Harvey, performing in The Laramie Project, costume design for She Persisted,  and asst. light design and board op for The Little Mermaid. Discovering that he enjoyed all of it, Connor declared a second major and was set on the Master Electrician path for the Flex Theatre, the role he will be filling his senior year.

I took Nancy Harper's Acting 101 my freshmen year and was hooked; professors that really know you, fellow thespians who treat you like family, really make theatre at Carroll feel all inclusive. You will come to find you have skills you didn't know you had in fields you didn't know you were interested in and you will have the full support and simultneous freedom to persue them.

Connor's involvement at Carroll doesn't stop with CS and theatre, proving the busiest people can be involved in the arts. He was a Community Advisor in Guadalupe Hall, a Student Building Manager in the campus apartments, plays in the Pep Band and Drumline, and works for IT as a Student Aid in Technology (SAINT).

Try out for the part, our directors have a sixth sense for identifying strengths and will find a part that fits your schedule and fits YOU.


warren-wolcott.jpgWarren Wolcott - Sound Designer | ME II

Communications(M)/Theatre(m)/Computer Science(m)

Warren is a sophomore from Moscow Idaho.  After graduating from Moscow High school where he was head of auditorium tech and video yearbook, he came to Carroll college where he quickly became involved with the Flex Theatre.


 It was very nice the way that everyone was so welcoming to me and are happy to have me on board as well as just how pleasant people were.

By the end of his first semester he adopted many of the responsibilities of Sound Designer and designed for She Persisted, and has since designed sound for The Laramie Project and The Little Mermaid, and served as Assistant Light Designer for Laramie.

My experience in Laramie was that I was excited to see people's reaction to it, it certainly was really refreshing seeing people react the way they did.

Outside of the Flex Theatre, Warren has had the opportunity to work on several independent film sets; he has been the grip/gaff as well as the boom operator for the short films Ebb & Flo and Evie & Seth, both directed by Stephen Alan Seder.


savannah-rey.jpgSavannah Rey Christiansen - Stage Manager

Theatre (M)

Savannah Rey Christiansen is a senior Theatre major from Lovelock, Nevada. When coming to Carroll, Savannah Rey’s interest was in Elementary Education with a theatre minor. In her freshman year, she took a Theatre Appreciation class with Kim Shire and fell in love with theatre again. Savannah Rey started working on the first show produced at Carroll that year as part of the tech crew. She then started working with the Stage Manager to take over her place when she graduated. Savannah Rey has now been the SM for all but two shows in her time at Carroll. In her second semester of her sophomore year, she switched to a theatre major.

Coming in as a freshman, I had no intentions of joining the theatre. I had acted in high school and did not have the best experience and wanted to put that behind me. When Kim told our class that Romeo and Juliet still needed crew members, I thought “why not” and it has all gone uphill from there.

Savannah Rey has now directed a piece in Carroll’s Short Not Sweet One Acts and directed co-directed pieces in the She Persisted One Acts. She has interned with Montana Actors Theater in Havre, MT for a summer where she worked with three other interns to run summer camps for kids aged 5-12 and to put on a performance with kids aged 12-21. In her Junior year, Savannah Rey worked with the Helena Theatre Company as their Stage Manager for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night. Finishing her Theatre Major in two years, Savannah Rey is ready to graduate in December with the plans of working for a theatre company after graduation. “The Flex Theatre has become home to many of the students at Carroll College. During any point of the day, you can find people hanging out, doing homework, working monologues for auditions, or taking a nap in the theatre. Walking through the doors, it feels like everything outside is gone if just for a little while.


thomas-trangmore.jpgTom Trangmore - Actor

Political Science (M) 

Tom Trangmoe is a freshman at Carroll College, currently looking to major in political science. Through his high school and community, he has primarily worked in theater for the last three years. Some of his more notable performances include portraying Mr. Horace Vandergelder in an adaptation of Hello Dolly, Lysander in Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', and taking on the role of Edgar Allan Poe in a biographical play titled Tell Tale.


I was essentially pressured into theater by my math teacher in high school; she threw a script on the table in front of me and told me to start reading. Since then, it's been an amazing ride, and now the opportunity to perform with a college-level group of talent takes it another step up.

He has also met with representation in Los Angeles and was cast in a small comedy showcase at a gala event under Scott Calcagno while in the city.

The performance arts in general are definitely both my guilty pleasure and my never-ending chore. No substance, item, or concept on Earth thrills like an eager audience anticipating a good show

You'll be able to find Tom in other places around Carroll such as under a sousaphone in the Pep Band, behind the podium on the Talking Saints debate team, and in the Honors College seminars.