Student Undergraduate Research Festival

"Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with purpose." - Zora Neale Hurston

Help expand research opportunities for Carroll students!

The Student Undergraduate Research Festival (SURF) is an annual celebration of Carroll College students' research. The event highlights all disciplines and challenges the traditional ideas of what undergraduate research means and what it should "look like." 

Your support of SURF gives Carroll students the opportunity to gain invaluable skills that come from conducting and presenting research. 

A record 107 students participated in this year's festival on April 23rd. You can see a full list of abstracts in this online program. 

Jesica Bauer

Jesica Bauer is a junior studying Mathematics and Computer Science at Carroll. She plans to pursue a doctorate degree in either mathematics or computer science.

"Being able to participate in SURF has allowed me to share my voice at Carroll College with professors and other leaders which I otherwise wouldn't get to interact with. SURF has also given me the experience that I needed to be more confident at larger conferences with my material and the knowledge I have built through my research."

Will Wright

Will Wright '13 studied History, Political Science and Social Studies for Secondary Education at Carroll and presented "The Enduring Frontier: Joseph & Ercell Flood and Homesteading in Postwar Idaho, 1941-1956" at SURF. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in History at Montana State University. 

"SURF was a phenomenal event to share original ideas with my peers and professors. It also played an integral role in demonstrating the importance of research for evidence-based decision making in the increasingly complex world in which we all live."

"SURF helped me develop my communication skills by being able to distill complex ideas down into their most essential elements and to express them in a meaningful way to multiple audiences."

Elizabeth Carlson '16 studied Mathematics at Carroll and presented "Analyzing the Effects of Topography on High-Altitude Baloon Descent" at SURF. She is currently a Mathematics graduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

SURF gave me some experience with realizing that I speak in a very animated manner about my research which reflected my enthusiasm about my project.  Such an experience helped me realize that I want to pursue mathematical research (not just teaching) as a career.

Each year's conference features an impressive range of interdisciplinary topics demonstrate that the interests of Carroll students are virtually boundless. Learn more about SURF in the article "Students, Research, and SURFing at Carroll College."


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