Legendary Adventure Camp

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The Legendary Adventure Camp (LAC) integrates the raw, intense and difficult wilderness experience with the foundations of our faith in the context of a 5 day backpacking adventure. We will celebrate mass each morning and dig into our rich Catholic tradition each evening while covering 5-7 miles of wilderness trail, climbing mountains, catching cutthroat trout, and learning wilderness survival skills during the day.

Most physically rigorous. Still achievable for strong-willed participants regardless of experience level.

July 11-15
July 18-22
July 25-29

Students Walking on a mountain


  • 5 days
  • 25- 30-mile trail route
  • Daily hikes through rugged terrain and constant elevation change
  • Daily mass and theology discussions
  • Intro to basic survival skills and wilderness activities, including fishing, fire-building, camp setup, and breakdown
  • Experienced guides, including wilderness survival-certified chaperones
  • A challenging, once-in-a-lifetime wilderness adventure
  • Unfiltered Montana adrenaline included