Summer Experiences

Life at Carroll

Live the adventure through a summer experience at Carroll College! Designed for current high school students, these summer programs represent a collaboration between Carroll College and the Diocese of Helena to promote and offer three "summer experiences" for high school students entering grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Whether you’re a true novice, or a seasoned expert, there is a program to match your outdoor expertise and experience. Each summer program contains outdoor and wilderness activities, allowing you to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Montana, “the last best place.” If you’re accustomed to downhill skiing and snowboarding, you’ll recognize the symbols that explain the “rigor” associated with each summer program.

Perfect for those seeking less strenuous outdoor adventure.

An ideal “golden mean” of moderate challenge in outdoor adventure.

Physically challenging, yet achievable for strong-willed participants.

Stay tuned for more summer programs in the future, as we hope to expand!

Kateri Banner

The St. Kateri Institute for Integrative Learning provides high-school youth with a spiritual and academic experience that develops their understanding of the relationship between faith and reason under the beautiful big skies of the greater Helena area. Through fun and engaging activities, participants explore academic studies as a contemplative undertaking that contributes to spiritual discernment.

Least physically rigorous. All the same spiritual richness.

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The Legendary Adventure Camp (LAC) integrates the raw, intense and difficult wilderness experience with the foundations of our faith in the context of a 5 day backpacking adventure. We will celebrate mass each morning and dig into our rich Catholic tradition each evening while covering 5-7 miles of wilderness trail, climbing mountains, catching cutthroat trout, and learning wilderness survival skills during the day.

July 11-15
July 18-22
July 25-29

Most physically rigorous. Still achievable for strong-willed participants regardless of experience level.

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Each one of us is made for adventure—a life lived boldly in pursuit of ultimate truth and goodness, uninhibited by fear, hesitation, or self-centeredness. It’s a radical way of life, but it’s the only one we’re interested in. The Theology of Adventure Week is aimed at exploring this bold outlook on life through two sections: the first is a classroom-based experience on Carroll’s campus, and the second is a wilderness adventure set against the Western Montana backcountry. Come and experience what Carroll College's driving adventurous philosophy is all about.


Perfect blend of rigorous wilderness immersion and campus-centered intellectual engagement.