What is the ASCC Senate?

The ASCC Senate is an official voting body of the Carroll College Student Government. Each class elects four Senators to represent them during the school year. The Senate meets six times a semester to discuss student issues, and creates actions and responses to those student issues.

The Senate exists to provide discussion and proper responses regarding student issues and affairs while considering the input of Carroll College students, administration, and the greater community of Helena. The ASCC Senate is responsible for making final decision on Bills of Legislature brought to the Senate floor. Senators represent not only their classmates, but Carroll College as an institution and community. Senators are charged with the responsibility to act in in the best interest of their classmates and Carroll College.

Senate Task Forces

  • House of Representatives (formation)
  • Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Budget
  • Events
  • Social Media 


2020-21 Senators


  • Liam Lynch
  • Maggie Mccartan
  • Amy Tekverk
  • Keara Ryan


  • Daniel Hirshorn
  • Isaac Armstrong
  • Iris Hartwig
  • Tim Radosevich


  • Jordan Diehl
  • Bryan Brensdal
  • Ellen Huttle
  • Gaelen McPartland


  • Hannah Lesnick
  • Siobhan O'Neill
  • Reed Allen
  • Maddy Arnold


  • Jackson Haddon
  • David Donnelly 

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