ASCC Student Activities Fund Allocation 2015-2016


This pie chart represents the ASCC Student Government Budget and how the dollars are allocated.  Each of these sections are explained in further detail below.  Office Supplies dollars are used to purchase needed materials in order for the ASCC to represent the students. Travel funds help students attend leadership workshops and conventions. Club Funding dollars are used to support our many clubs at Carroll. Every club has access to $600 in club funding. The Special Campus Events budget covers the cost for Parents Weekend, ASCC Christmas Party, and Softball Weekend. Our ASCC Officer Funds are scholarship dollars for our Executive Board. The ASCC Restricted Funds are dollars donated to the ASCC.

Operational Funds

Postage and Copying is a minimal expense as the ASCC owns its own copy machine which is represented as the Equipment Rental Lease expense on the pie chart.  The restricted funds are dollars given to the ASCC by alumni donars for special ASCC initiatives.  Office supplies and Furniture expenses reflect the need for replacing old chairs and wall hangings in the ASCC area with newer items.  It also reflect the purchase of materials the ASCC needs to get their work done.


Travel, Leadership and Meal Funds

 This is more of a historical pie chart as every year the ASCC travels to a conference for leadership and government training.  This year the ASCC decided not to travel and want to spend the travel and Leadership training dollars on a "Spirit Wall" for all students at Carroll.  the Meals expense covers the food order for Parents Weekend and meetings throughout the year.


Campus events funds

This pie chart represents two items.

The first is the money spent to put on the ASCC Christmas Party and Parents Weekend.  The second is money spent to purchase ski passes, and golf passes. The ASCC then turns around and offers these tickets at a discounted rate to all students.  The income from these tickets and events helps the ASCC meet the expected income line item put forth by the college.  The income line item are dollars that are givent back to the college.


Officers funds

Those who are elected by the Student Body and serve on the Executive Board are given a scholarship for their service and a second semester stipend.

The scholarship dollars are represented by the orange and yellow pie slices and the Second semester stipend is represented by the blue slice.



If you have any further questions about the budget, please contact Treasurer Kellea Nichols at for further assistance.