Intercultural Students Network

The Intercultural Students Network provides a support system for students of multiple backgrounds and cultures transitioning into Carroll College. Every person who is a part of this group is unique and their opinions and values are important. The Network will provide resources to foster a welcoming environment on campus, promote fellowship among all cultures and ensure each student's academic success. The Network will promote faculty-student collaboration to meet our goals.


  • To share each member's background
  • To enhance knowledge about our cultures
  • To strengthen relations between people of different cultures
  • To encourage more diversity on campus
  • To provide support for academic success
  • To link together all the resources across campus


  • Participate in Orientation
  • Assign peer buddies and host families to students
  • Assign faculty mentors to students
  • Student-led small groups
  • Engage in community service
  • Host intercultural dinners

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