Strategic Action Plan

Strategic Action Plan

Financing Initiatives

The Strategic Planning process was, to a large degree, a time for imagination and creativity, a time to envision bold ideas that might hold promise and possibility for Carroll College. However, the process that encouraged thinking without bounds was followed, in the final planning stages, by a realistic analysis of the financial resources needed to bring the initiatives to fruition. A financial analysis of each initiative was prepared, showing expenses for five years. This accounting shows projected expenses, and full explanatory notes as separate appended documents. The analysis was prepared in close consultation with the College’s Cabinet, estimating expenses reaslistically to ensure wise use of current and future resources.

While necessarily speculative, this thorough financial analysis of the Strategic Plan, combined with careful resource reallocation in the College’s operational areas, gives us confidence that we will be able to implement many of our key initiatives.

As we move forward with our Plan, strategic financing will guide the College’s budgeting and decision-making processes. Our diligence in planning and allocating resources will ensure that we can sustain financial support of key initiatives for the duration of the Strategic Plan.

Assessing Initiatives

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Implementation Plans for all initiatives are currently under development. As with financial analysis, performance and accountability is carefully charted, characterized by annual assessment of the past, present, and future initiatives.

Measurable Outcomes have been developed for each initiative and will be used to assess progress toward full implementation. This will be a dynamic process. Initiatives will be evaluated periodically not just for progress toward goals but also for continued feasibility and value. An idea that appears promising in 2014 may be less so as our environment changes.

Vetting New Initiatives

The Strategic Plan, Vision 2018 represents a snapshot of Carroll College in the climate that characterizes the world and higher education in 2013. Change is certain, both in our external environment and in our campus community.

We recognize, allow for, and welcome new initiatives that will emerge from creative faculty, staff, departments, and collaborations. A process will be developed that will allow for the review and discussion of these ideas, with consideration for possible inclusion in our action plan.

Feedback on the Strategic Plan

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