A Letter from the President

A Letter from the President

Given Carroll College’s history and significant institutional accomplishments,  one could imagine the challenge of charting a course for the next few years. But as we thought strategically these past 12 months, our calling became clear. We have been charged with ensuring that Carroll College is here for another 100 years, serving as a model of a 21st century diocesan Catholic liberal arts and pre-professional college. This means balancing all of those elements that have been essential to making the college exceptional, while anticipating those that the future will demand in order to sustain that level of excellence and achieve even greater heights.

We have accepted these changes and in these pages you will find our ambitious plan to secure our future as a distinctive Catholic liberal arts college dedicated to the education of the next generation of leaders. We, the faculty, staff, students, alumni, friends and Board of Trustees, began revising our vision statement many months ago. The new statement, clearly focused on educating tomorrow’s leaders, was an affirmation of our core mission and distinguished history, and a lodestar for envisioning our future.

The strategic plan reaffirms Carroll College as a place dedicated to cultivating and promoting vocation and enlightenment, integrating this commitment seamlessly into its academic program and student life. This vision requires that we seek to provide a distinctive educational experience, our faith enduring as we embrace the digital age. In pursuit of our ambitious strategic goals, this vibrant community of scholars will have a profound impact on our community – locally, nationally and globally.

In this strategic plan, we commit our energies to eight broad goals that define the college’s areas of strength. We also commit to thirty-seven initiatives created by faculty, staff and students in areas ripe for expansion and in newly created avenues that fit squarely within our mission and values. These innovations will ensure that Carroll College continues to distinguish itself from its peers, and they are just ambitious enough to provide the focused energy necessary to achieve something substantial. We are under no illusions that our efforts will be without challenge; thus, our planning document is a flexible one, allowing us to be responsive to those challenges while still adhering to the plan’s goals.

As we work towards our 110th year, we do so with the intention of building a stronger, more profound community, one prepared for the dynamic character of the higher education landscape in the next century. We approach this work knowing that our success depends upon gathering old and new partners alike who wish to imagine our future.

This plan presents the pathway forward. We hope that you will join us.

Thomas M. Evans, Ph.D.