White, Theresa

Theresa White Image

Custodian-O'C Bldg Lead

Facilities & Grounds - Custodian - Simperman Hall/Science Building.

My name is Theresa White and I have been employed by Carroll College for five years now as a custodian. I was enrolled at Carroll College after graduating from Capital High School way back in 1989 and quickly discovered that it was not financially an option that I could maintain without the support of family or large loans.

Through the years, I have had promising career opportunities with Valley Bank and The Federal Reserve Bank of Minnesota in Helena. I was a Reserve Sheriff Deputy for Lewis & Clark County while working at the Federal Reserve. I have always been an active person – horseback riding, hiking, running, sky diving, and a bit of a thrill-seeker. Helena has given me a home where I can do it all, including raising a family.

I chose to stay at home for the first eight years of our children’s lives to ensure their safety, happiness, and education were always met with the highest of standards. During my children’s education in our community, they both expressed a desire to attend Carroll College at a young age. Our kids grew up fast and college was on the horizon! I knew I had the skills to be an asset to the Carroll College community and to provide my children with one of the great benefits of secondary education to the college of their dreams by being employed here. My son is 18 and my daughter is 17 now. Carly has been part of the Early Access Program and is signed up for a summer course this year. Reed has applied to attend this fall session with Carroll College. It brings me great joy to be able to work here and make my kids’ dreams come true!

My journey at Carroll started in Guadalupe Hall, then Mary Alice Fortin Building, and now O ’Connell Hall. I’ve met so many friendly, inspiring, and intelligent faculty, staff, and students in these past five years. I really cannot believe it has been five years already! Dan and Butch are two of the most amazing people I could hope to be my supervisor and boss. Carroll College is and will always be woven in the fabric of my family.