Parra Gutierrez, Jesus

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Admission Counselor

  • Nevada
  • Eastern Washington
  • Northern Idaho
  • Northwestern Montana

Why I think you'll love Carroll College

I think you’ll love Carroll college because of how personable this campus is. Coming out of the most impersonal and restrictive times in our lives, it is my opinion that we are the best fit for those that crave deep and meaningful interactions while pursuing higher education.  

My fondest memory is of the connection I made here with my advisor Dr.Hansen. I was never the most motivated or best student. However, it was the constant meetings about school and not allowing me to give up on myself. He saw my potential and helped me achieve it to the fullest. To change the mentality of going through the motions and surviving, to then genuinely having an affinity for knowledge and thriving. 

Carroll is a place where you will find and maintain lifetime friends and memories. A place where your education is earned and not given. Carroll is where the people around want you to be the best possible version of yourself, whether as an individual, in your faith or as an intellect.

Carroll College is a place you will love because we care. 

Non scholae, sed vitae

Not for school but for life

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