Coonen, Lindy

Snapshot of Lindy Coonen

Admin Asst, Health Svcs

Lindy joined the Wellness Center in the spring of 2015. After many years of successfully bossing managing her family and her husband’s dental practice, she decided it was time to give them a break. She jumped at the opportunity to work with the excellent team that is the Wellness Center. You can find Lindy here all day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings putting her managing skills to good use. You will know it’s Lindy by her warm personality and great smile (prerequsite for all good dental wives).

Lindy is a Helena Native who returned in 2008 after nearly a decade in Washington (GO DAWGS!). She believes being a mother of two beautiful girls and raising them in Montana is a true gift. When Lindy is not in the Wellness Center she is continuing her work as the Household CEO of the Coonen Clan and working towards her Masters and PHD in Parental Patience.