Mathematics Education

Math for Secondary Education

Since this a broadfield major, a minor is not required for licensure.

I. Broadfield Major Program Requirements

  • MA 131 Calculus of Single Variable Functions
    or MA 121-122 Differential and Integral Calculus
  • MA 232 Differential Equations and Linear Algebra I
    or MA 141 Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
  • MA 233 Multivariable Calculus
  • MA 306 Real Analysis
  • MA 315 Probability and Statistics
  • MA 328 Modern Applications of Discrete Mathematics
  • MA 334 Differential Equations and Linear Algebra II
  • MA 342 Applied Numerical Methods and Analysis
  • MA 401 Abstract Algebra and Modern Geometry
  • MA 406 Complex Analysis
  • MA 421 Mathematical Optimization, Applications, and Analysis
  • MA 422 Senior Project
  • MA 471 History Seminar in Mathematics
    or MA 499 Honors Thesis/Senior Project (for a total of at least 3 credits)

II. Other Program Requirements
Two semesters of college science approved by the mathematics department.
One English writing course above ENWR 102

III. Professional Education Requirements

  • AN/SO 218 Introduction to Native American Studies
  • ED 102 Foundations of Education
  • ED/PSY 229 Educational Psychology
  • ED 245 Diversity Field Experience
  • ED 305 Classroom Management
  • ED 318 Content Area Reading and Secondary Methods
  • ED 405 Education Seminar
  • ED 410 Student Teaching
  • ED 412 Measurement & Assessment in Teaching
  • ED 418 Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School
  • PSY 228 Adolescent Psychology 
    or PSY 203 Developmental Psychology
  • SPED 300 Introduction to Exceptional Children

United States and contemporary world cultures course(s)

IV.Acceptance into the Teacher Education Program and the Student Teaching 

Teacher Education Program: Students pursuing academic programs that lead to teacher licensure must be accepted into the teacher education program by the end of their sophomore year.

Student Teaching: All preservice teachers must obtain admission to the student teaching.

To earn a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Mathematics for Secondary Education, a student must pass the mathematics senior exit exam and earn a grade of "C" or better in all of the courses listed under "Broadfield Major Program Requirements," "Professional Education Requirements," and "Other Program Requirements."  A lesser grade in any of these courses must be replaced before the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in mathematics for secondary education will be granted.  In addition, lesser grades in any of these courses preclude taking subsequent courses for which the deficient courses are prerequisite. 


  1. All secondary education students must consult both with the Department of Education: Health, Physical, and Teacher and the Department of Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science.
  2. All Mathematics for Secondary Education students must meet the following requirements: 1) earn a grade of "C" or better in all Professional Education Requirements; 2) earn a minimum of 2.5 cumulative grade point average
  3. Earn a minimum 2.65 grade point average in Major Program Requirements, Other Program Requirements, and Professional Education Requirements.

For full course descriptions, see the Carroll College Academic Catalog.

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