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Biology for Secondary Education

The Biology Secondary Education Major is designed for students who seek careers providing personal fulfillment and service to others.  Its mission is to prepare graduates who are scientifically literate and who recognize both the practical usefulness and the inherent value of a liberal arts education.

Major Program Requirements

  • BI 171-172  Biological Principles I & II
  • BI 281  Genetics

Two additional upper division courses from the following list:

  • BI 305  Microbiology
  • BI 306  Plant Biology
  • BI 307  Animal Physiology
  • BI 311  Ecology
  • BI 315 Physiological Ecology
  • BI 323  Comparative Anatomy
  • BI 350  Developmental Biology
  • BI 370  Evolutionary Biology
  • BI 382 Cell Biology
  • BI 329 or 330 (WI) Molecular Biology
  • CH 353  Biochemistry

Other Program Requirements

  • CH 101-102 General Chemistry
  • CH 301  Organic Chemistry
    or CH 285  Intermediate Organic Chemistry (Students who require only one semester of organic chemistry should enroll in CH 285.)
  • MA 315 Probability & Statistics
  • MA xxx    One additional course in mathematics
  • PHIL 252  Philosophy and History of Science
  • PHYS xxx  One course in physics is recommended

Professional Education Requirements

  • AN/SO 218  Introduction to Native American Studies
  • CS 103  Instructional Media and Technology
  • ED 102  Foundations of Education
  • ED/PSY 229 Educational Psychology
  • ED 245  Diversity Field Experience
  • ED 305 Classroom Management
  • ED 318  Content Area Reading and Secondary Methods
  • ED 346  Teaching Science in the Secondary School
  • ED 405  Education Seminar
  • ED 410  Student Teaching
  • ED 412  Measurement & Assessment in Teaching
  • PSY 228  Adolescent Psychology
    or PSY 203 Developmental Psychology
  • SPED 300  Introduction to Exceptional Children
  • United States and contemporary world cultures course(s)

Acceptance into the Teacher Education Program and Student

Teacher Education Program: Students pursuing academic programs that lead to teacher licensure must seek admission to the teacher education program by the end of their sophomore year.

Student Teaching: In the spring semester of the junior year, all preservice teachers must seek admission to student teaching.


  1. All Biology for Secondary Education majors must take the following courses, or their equivalent, in sequence - BI 171, BI 172, BI 281.
  2. All Biology for Secondary Education students must earn a grade of “C” or better in all major courses (sections I and II above) and successfully pass the senior comprehensive examination in biology.
  3. All Biology for Secondary Education students must meet the following requirements: 1) earn a grade of "C-" or better in all Professional Education Requirements, Major Program Requirements, and Other Program Requirements; 2) earn a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average; 3) earn a minimum 2.65 grade point average in Major Program Requirements and in Other Program Requirements; and 4) earn a minimum 2.65 grade point average in Professional Education Requirements. 
  4. See Secondary Education Requirements.

For full course descriptions, see the Carroll College Academic Catalog.