Safety & Security Updates


Welcome back to campus! As we adjust to being back on campus and in the classroom, the Campus Security and Public Safety Office wants to offer several safety tips that can be useful in just about any situation.  While many seem quite logical and no-brainers, most of us do not actively think about incorporating these things into our personal habits.  The following are offered to increase your awareness and to help all of us stay safe as we enter this school year:

  • Trust your instincts.  If you feel uncomfortable, leave right away and go immediately to an area with lights and people. 

  • Call Security if something seems odd.  If you see it, say it.  Report any unusual, suspicious, threatening, endangering, unsafe, or harassing activity.  The smallest bit of information could prevent a crime and help protect yourself or others.  We rely on the active participation of our whole community to look out for yourselves and each other.  It is what Saints do!  

  • Keep your ID/Keycard with you or at least in your daily-use bag, school bag, purse, wallet, etc.  

  • Do not allow people to follow you into secure locations.  Ask that a “tailgater” use their ID/Keycard for access.  While this may seem rude, the intent of a keycard system is to ensure that those who should be in a particular location are allowed while denying access to the misbehaving type.  Please don’t prop external doors.

  • Use well-lit, high traffic routes when walking on campus, if possible do not walk alone at night.  

  • Have your keys out and ready when walking back to your vehicle—consider carrying a whistle on your keychain.  

  • Stay aware of your surroundings, and maintain situational awareness.  Listening to music or using your phone can distract you from people or vehicles around you.

  • Do NOT display valuables openly in public or leave them visible in your vehicle Keep your (cash, laptop, phone, credit/debit cards, etc.), near you at all times.  


Emergency and Non-Emergency Numbers: 

  • 24 hour On-Call Residence Life: (406) 459-0540
  • Securitas: (406) 461-7611
  • Helena Police Department: 
    • 911 for Emergencies 
    • (406) 457-8866 for Non-Emergencies
  • Director of Campus Security & Public Safety (406) 447-4404

Emergency Plans: Take a moment to read through the spiral-bound Emergency Protocol Guide located on the back of doors (dorm rooms, offices, & classrooms).  This guidebook will help you react in a variety of emergency situations.

Emergency Regroup:  Make sure to update/verify your contact information in the Emergency Regroup OKTA Tile located on your home page.  The Emergency Regroup tile is an electronic mass notifications system that allows the college to send out Emergency Notifications, Timely Warnings, and any future Public Safety Advisories.