Onity Card Keys

The Onity card key system has several codes that will indicate the status of the lock when a card is inserted and removed. There are only two lights on the lock— a red LED and a green LED. Singly or in combination the lights can help diagnose a lock or explain why a card is not accepted.

Below is a guide to help you understand the light codes.

1.gifSolid green light, no red light
Valid card inserted.
(Door unlocks for four seconds or until the handle is turned)
Solid red light, no green light
Invalid card inserted.
(Card expired, card not valid for door)
Red light appears 6 seconds after card is removed, no green light
Unreadable card inserted.
(Card is blank, damaged or inserted incorrectly)
Solid green and red lights
Lock is waiting for user's PIN.
(Red light turns off after valid PIN is inputted)
Blinking green light, no red light
Door is in an unlocked state, no card required to enter the room.
(Lock remains unlocked until "double swipe" or automatic lock)
Blinking red light, no green light
Blocked door.
(Door has been blocked from all users)
Alternating green and red lights
Deadbolt engaged or access outside of valid time zone.
Solid green light, blinking red light
Low batteries.
(Contact your CA immediately to have the batteries replaced)

Card Not Working?

Troubleshoot by answering each of the following questions before calling anyone:

Are you supposed to be here?

  • If yes, keep going.
  • If not, that’s your answer.  Your card has been encoded to activate on your scheduled arrival date. 

Have you updated your card in the kiosk?

  • If yes, keep going.
  • If not, try updating your card in the kiosk so the latest information is on it.

Is the lock flashing a red AND green light when you insert the card?

  • If no, keep going.
  • If yes, your door is waiting on you to put in a pin code.  If you don’t know it, try the last 4-digits of your ID or the last 4-digits on the back of your temporary card.

Is the lock flashing only red?

If you have made it to this answer after troubleshooting the first three questions, your card is not working.  (but you know this…)  Please contact a CA to have it fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my residence hall access placed on my Carroll College ID card?

Yes, your Carroll ID card is your only means of access into your residence hall room.

Can I unlock my door so that I don’t get locked out when I go across the hall to another room?


What do I do if I get locked out?

Students should first contact their roommate to determine when he/she will be back to unlock the room. If coordinating with your roommate presents a conflict, then you should seek out your Community Advisor who can assist you. But remember, CAs are students too and may not necessarily be present. CA contact information is located in the lobby and on their bedroom doors.  The best solution would be to avoid being locked out in the first place by always carrying your Carroll ID.

Since the locks are battery operated, isn’t there a chance that the battery will run out and I’ll be locked out of my room?

The lock batteries are projected to last between two and three years. However, the lock is designed to warn you in advance that your batteries are running low. If your lock has a solid green light and flashing red light then the batteries need to be replaced. Please notify your CA to have new batteries installed. All lock batteries will be put on a replacement schedule to minimize the chance of any batteries running low but some batteries have an unusually short life span.

What do I do if I lose my ID at night or on the weekend?

You will need to get a temporary ID card by first contacting the CA on Duty. Your temporary ID will only work for a specific time frame. It is then the responsibility of the cardholder to obtain a replacement Carroll ID card during normal business hours in the Student Life Office located in O’Connell Hall.

What if the magnetic stripe wears out from swiping it in the Onity offline locks?

If the ID card is found to be worn out due to "wear and tear" the ID card will be replaced free of charge.