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Here you'll find information on setting up and designing resumes and portfolios. There are also links to help with spelling and grammar issues that may arise. On the left column, we have compiled documents to assist with resumes and cover letters, and a list of action verbs to make your resume stand out.

Focuses on building a complete career portfolio.

Crafting an Effective Resume

Resumes and Cover Letters
Resume and Cover Letter Writing - A Complete Guide
Your resume is your single most important document in your job search. Consider it your marketing tool--this packet will help you sell yourself more effectively. Remember, never send a resume without a cover letter. A cover letter is one more marketing tool and very essential to the application process.

Action Verbs
Action Verbs for Resumes.pdf
Utilizing action verbs in your resume is one of the most important ways to make your resume stand out in a crowd.

Candid Career Videos
See videos on resume writing at Candid Career


To review and download template examples, please click below. The resumes listed are in order of level of experience.

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Resume 7                    Resume 8                    Resume 9

Resume 10                  Resume 11                 Resume 12

These templates and other helpful information found at Primer.


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