Ways to Help


  • Most importantly, honor their independence
  • Recognize that they are learning a whole new set of skills
  • Support them rather than doing it for them. Aim for guidance, not pressure


  • Reinforce the importance of starting early, and the importance of beginning to build up experience
  • Help them find and establish contacts
  • Reassure them that it is OK not to know what all of their career/ educational goals are, but that it is important to begin taking action

Encourage your son/daughter to:

  • Think ahead
  • Visit Career Services early in his/her college career
  • Do an internship--or two
  • Seek an interesting summer experience; this may be an internship an REU--Research Experience for Undergraduates, a study abroad experience
  • Get to know professors
  • Become involved in campus activities and organizations, and
  • Eventually take on leadership roles
  • Take the one-credit Career Exploration course as a freshman or sophomore student
  • Take the one-credit Job Search Boot Camp course as a junior or senior, which teaches students how to effectively navigate the job search


Freshman Student

  • What campus activities, organizations, clubs are you interested in joining?
  • What majors interest you? Why?
  • Have you been to visit Career Services? What type of services do they provide?
  • Which services do you think will be most useful to you?
  • Have you used the information in their Career Exploration section?
  • Have you explored the offerings on the Career Services websites under "Careers for Different Majors?"

Sophomore Student

  • Which are your favorite classes? Why?
  • Have you talked to your academic adviser or visited the Career Services to explore possible career areas?
  • Have you investigated the one-credit Career Development and Life Planning course?
  • Have you started working on a resume?
  • Have you considered taking an internship? What steps have you taken so far?

Junior Student

  • What summer jobs, internships, etc. are available for someone with your interests/major?
  • What are your plans immediately after graduation?
  • What are you thoughts about attending graduate school?
  • Have you taken advantage of any of the programs/workshops offered by Career Services?
  • Have you created a timeline and plan for the graduate school application process or for transitioning into the job market after you graduate?

Senior Student

  • What are some of the events/workshops being hosted by Career Services this year?
  • Are there any deadlines you should be aware of?
  • Have you prepared all of your job search materials? [resume, cover letter, job search plan/timeline, etc.]
  • When are your graduate school applications due?
  • Are there any remaining details you need to attend to?
  • You do not plan to move back home after you graduate, DO YOU?! [A little humor never hurts!]