Stages of Career Development


Freshman Year: Learning about yourself

  • Check out the Carroll College Career Services website
  • Visit the Career Services Office
  • Start to explore various majors and get to know faculty
  • Join one or possibly two organizations where yoy can get involved, begin networking and explore activities you enjoy
  • Get the best grades you can
  • Consider taking the one-credit Career Exploration course each semester
  • Join Carroll College Career Services Alumni & Professional Networking LinkedIn Group

Sophomore Year: Begin to Focus

  • Identify interests, skills, work values
  • Develop preliminary goals
  • Create an initial resume
  • Seek out summer jobs that are of interest
  • Begin to explore possible internship opportunities
  • Investigate study abroad experiences available to Carroll College students and REU opportunities
  • Consider taking the one-credit Career Exploration course if you are still fuzzy about a career direction
  • Attend one of the "How to Land Your Ideal Internship" workshops offered only during Internship week which occurs early in the spring semester
  • Meet with our Internship Coordinator to begin making plans to land a great internship during junior year

Junior Year: Take Action

  • Become immersed in academic major
  • Revise resume; begin to create C.V. if considering grad school
  • Attend one of the "How to Land Your Ideal Internship" workshops
  • Take an internship
  • Find ways to gain good experience: take on leadership roles in your activities
  • Investigate graduate school and/or career options for your major
  • Attend one of the workshops on "Successful Graduate School Application," which are offered only during fall semester if considering graduate school
  • Prepare for and schedule graduate school exams if planning on this option
  • Register for the Job Search Boot Camp class if planning to enter the job market upon graduation--a one credit class that teaches students how to navigate the job search; offered both semesters

Senior Year: The Time is Now

  • Register for the Job Search Boot Camp class if not taken during Junior year
  • Finalize resume—-targeting appropriate job goal, or finalize C.V. for grad school
  • Attend the various events and workshops offered by Career Services
  • Conduct research with the staff of the Career Services office on employers and job search issues
  • Attend any alumni special events [including Homecoming related events] that may occur on campus in order to build a network
  • Create a timeline and plan for the graduate school application process or for transitioning into the job market after graduation

Moments when REALITY steps in

The steps indicated in the THROUGH THE COLLEGE YEARS section outline the ideal process that students should take, but keep in mind that “ideal” does not reflect reality.

Students often postpone their decisions, sometimes because they are not ready. Often, though, they do not want to take the time to do it--after all--they do not earn academic credit for it so they may not perceive the value of activities for which they do not receive a grade. It is important that you as the parent are there to encourage them to get the process moving as soon as possible.

But also to be their #1 source of encouragement along the way.