Why Public Relations?

Preparation to competently interact in a culturally diverse world
The world is one big melting pot and with technological advancements and business development, cultural interactions are common in both personal and professional lives.  The communications department celebrates diversity and aims to give students the interpersonal skills needed to build successful intercultural relationships.

Finals Week
Eeveryone wants your schedule! During finals week, everyone wants your schedule!  With public speaking skills being a major component to communications, presentations and term papers are common during finals week.  Tests happen—just not as often as some other majors…

11 a.m.
Late study nights will happen in college, but lucky for you, the communications department has rarely been known to have a class before 11 a.m. Enjoy sleeping in!

"Come to Buber" talks
If there is one name you will remember after graduation it’s Martin Buber.  Brent Northup slips this theory into many lectures—It/Thou, Reverent Being—it’s all about building relationships and treating people with dignity and respect.  The number one goal of the communication department is that graduates have the ability to use communication constructively and unselfishly, to serve others and promote peace on all levels - interpersonally, socially and globally.

The communications department is more like a family than a department.  Graduates leave with lasting relationships to classmates and professors and a great network of communication professionals.  Alumni remain connected to the department as adjunct teachers, internship supervisors and employers.

Accessible Professors
Carroll provides small class sizes for a more personal undergraduate experience.  Classes are not taught by graduate students, but by the professors that advise you in your education, career and life and are vested in you as a person.  Need to talk about or plan your life?  We meet for coffee.

Burgers at York Bar
Congratulations graduating seniors!  It’s a tradition in the communications department for the communication professors to treat the graduating seniors to the best burgers around!  It’s quite the drive, but York Bar is a great celebration of accomplishments, friendship and anticipation of what’s to come.

Yay! for Oral Comps!
You could take the thesis option…if you want.  Most communication majors choose option #2:  Oral Comprehensive exams. Preparation is key, but don’t worry; it’s a great excuse to get together for coffee or dinner with your friends in the department.  And you get the opportunity to show your professors all you learned the past four-years.

TV Station on Campus
TV Production is a great addition to the communications department and with a TV station located right on campus internships and job opportunities are right around the corner.

#1 desired skill on most job announcements
Good luck finding a job announcement that doesn’t mention something about communication skills—either written or oral.  Employers want employees that know how to communicate effectively both within the organization and externally.  We can help.