Student Successes

Psi Chi Recognition 

Lauren Paradis, class of '18, is in a recent edition of the Psi Chi magazine! She received an undergraduate scholarship from Psi Chi, the national honor society for psychology. With thanks to Dr. McManus for writing a letter of recommendation for Lauren so she could receive this amazing opportunity! 

Receiving the undergraduate scholarship this year strengthened my desire to work in the psychology field even more. 

Congratulations, Lauren! 

A link to the pdf version of the magazine can be found here: 

Check out page 17 to see Lauren Paradis and her words of gratitude for receiving this scholarship. 


Where our graduates are now...

Rhianna Curtis, 2015. Graduate Student studying Gerontology at the University of Northern Colorado. 
Lauren Fulton, 2015. Accepted to a Graduate Program in Occupational Therapy at Touro University.
Vance Lavinder, 2015. Graduate Student studying Social Work at the University of Southern California online. 
Carly Schwickert, 2015. Graduate Student studying Couples and Family Therapy at The University of Oregon.

Student Undergraduate Research Festival

2015. Four students represented the psychology department at Carroll College's 4th Annual Student Undergraduate Research Festival (SURF).

Carly Schwickert The Effects of Objectifying Statements on Women's Self-Esteem, Happiness, and Body Image
Ariel Tange Helping Behaviors toward Individuals with Physical Disabilities and Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities
Melanie Vert Why is There Discrimination in Helping Situations? The Effects of Negative Affect and Prejudice in Emergency and Nonemergency Interracial Helping Situations
Sarah Jo Willcockson Dog and Pony Show