Students develop expertise in applied mathematics, and supplement math courses with courses in other fields. Biology, chemistry, computer science, and engineering are integrated with mathematic theory. Majors go on to attend graduate schools like MIT, Notre Dame, and Carnegie Mellon, and have successful careers in business, science, government, engineering and education. Carroll teams have placed as "Outstanding" (the top 1%) three times in the international Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling in the past nine years.


Sample Honors Thesis

Hamming Codes and the McEliece Cryptosystem

Ben Dill - Mathematics with a Concentration in Physics

In this paper, we seek to understand some basic principles of coding

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Carroll Receives $200,000 Grant from W.M. Keck Foundation

In support of an initiative to integrate statistics across the curriculum, the W.M. Keck Foundation has awarded Carroll College a grant in the amount of $200,000 for Project...Read more

Should I be in Math 131 or Math 121 and 122 for Calculus?

So you want to major in math, engineering, computer science, biology, or chemistry. What math course should you start in? With a solid math background and strong test scores, you...Read more

Math Debate Under the Stars

As a part of our series of ongoing math debates, two favorite Carroll Carroll professors, Dr. Kelly Cline and Dr. Eric Sullivan, faced off on Guadalupe Hill under

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Spring 2019 Math Debate

On February 21, 2019, Dr. Kelly Cline and Dr. Eric Sullivan debated the question, "What is the greatest result of the mathematician Leonhard Euler?" Euler is

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Carlson Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

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Carroll ICM and MCM Teams

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2021 Math Modeling

We are incredibly proud to share that one of our teams placed in the top 3% of all teams worldwide in their category – Carroll's highest finish in 11 years! Only

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MMMC Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the MMMC?

The Montana Math Modeling Challenge (MMMC) is a 24-hour regional modeling contest for undergraduate students. In 2008, the University of Iowa hosted the first such regional...Read more

Free Mathematics Textbooks

Mathematics belongs to humankind! Furthermore, college textbooks are expensive.

In an effort to help reduce textbook costs and to bring the beauty of mathematics to the minds of students, the Carroll...Read more

Why I Love Math

We love math! Click on a photo below to hear what some of our professors and students have to say about their love for mathematics.

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