Students develop expertise in applied mathematics, and supplement math courses with courses in other fields. Biology, chemistry, computer science, and engineering are integrated with mathematic theory. Majors go on to attend graduate schools like MIT, Notre Dame, and Carnegie Mellon, and have successful careers in business, science, government, engineering and education. Carroll teams have placed as "Outstanding" (the top 1%) three times in the international Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling in the past nine years.


MA 471 - History Seminar in Mathematics

1.00 Cr
This course in the history of mathematics is intended to give students an insight into some of the great masterpieces of mathematics, as seen in their historical contexts. Developing an understanding of the individuals who were the creators of mathematics helps one better appreciate their creations.

Carroll Math Teams Successful in 96-hour International Competition

Twenty-seven Carroll students divided into nine teams of three to participate in the 96-hour Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) & Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM), h

MA 489 - Special Topic

1.00 Cr
Special Topics courses include ad-hoc courses on various selected topics that are not part of the regular curriculum, however they may still fulfill certain curricular requirements. Special topics courses are offered at the discretion of each department and will be published as part of the semester course schedule - view available sections for more information. Questions about special topics classes can be directed to the instructor or department chair.
Protrait of Theodore Wendt
Associate Professor - Math
Department Chair
Portrait of Eric Sullivan
Associate Professor - Math
Mary Keeffe Writing on a White Board
Associate Professor - Engineering
Visiting Assistant Professor - Math
Black and White Portrati of Jodi Fasteen
Associate Professor - Math
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Professor - Math
09/28/2017 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm