Pre-Physical Therapy

Pre-Physical Therapy at Carroll

Although students interested in physical therapy may select any major, the following are the most frequently chosen: Health Science, Psychology, Sociology, Health and Physical Education, and Biology.

Strong academic performance is considered paramount; the degree emphasis is secondary. Although many schools list an overall minimum GPA of 3.0 for admission, to be competitive a GPA of at least 3.5 is needed. The prerequisite GPA is usually higher.

Applicants to schools of physical therapy must demonstrate an understanding of the profession they wish to enter. Programs typically require a minimum of 80-100 hours of full or part time experience (volunteer or salaried) under the supervision of a certified physical therapist. Usually two or more settings are stipulated with acute care often being recommended as one of the settings.

Schools of physical therapy vary somewhat in their admission requirements. Therefore, it is highly recommended that students contact the particular physical therapy schools to which they wish to apply to gain a thorough understanding of the prerequisites so that their academic programs at Carroll can be planned to accommodate any changes to the recommendations listed below. It is advisable that the selection of physical therapy schools to which the students intend to apply be done early in the student’s academic career so there is time to make accommodations.

Recommended Courses

Biology (4 courses):

  • BI 171-172 Biological Principles I & II (Note: University of Montana does not require Biological Principles)
  • BI 201-202 Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II [Note: some schools will substitute one semester of Comparative Anatomy (BI 323) and one semester of Animal Physiology (BI 307). Other schools (e.g. University of Colorado) require BI 201-201 and either BI 323 or BI 307]

Chemistry (2 courses):

  • CH 101-102 General Chemistry I & II

Physics (2 courses):

  • PHYS 201-202 Physics I & II or PHYS 205-206 Engineering Physics I & II

Math (2 courses):

  • MA 117 Difference Equations and Liner Algebra or MA 121 Differential Calculus
  • MA 207 Statistics

Psychology (2 courses):

  • PSY 105 General Psychology
  • PSY 203 Developmental Psychology or PSY 306 Abnormal Psychology

Other Requirements

Computer literacy is assumed. Students may be asked to provide documentation of their proficiency. Certification in Advanced First Aid and CPR is required by most schools. Communication and English composition prerequisites are included in Carroll Core requirements. Revised 10/2012