Graduate Outcomes

Presenting our recent graduates

In their senior year, students complete a capstone research project. In the short videos below, some of our
recent graduates discuss their projects and what they learned in the political science program at Carroll.

Kyle Sessions, Class of 2017

Marissa Driggs, Class of 2017

Colby Smith, Class of 2017

Jessica Salmassian, Class of 2017

Colton Passmore, Class of 2017

Madeline Duval, Class of 2017

David Harris, Class of 2017

Amber Gevock, Class of 2017

Trenton Antis, Class of 2017

Glenda Van Daele, Class of 2017

Desirae Kivett, Class of 2016
It turns out that Desirae doesn't want to be a politician. Instead she'll be making the world a better place.

Victoria Nickol, Class of 2016
Tori won great scholarships to attend the University of Montana law school. Let's hope Missoula is ready.

Seth Rojas, Class of 2016
Seth came to Carroll from Seattle and now hopes to work here as a social worker. Good news for Montana!

Kacey Gollehon, Class of 2015
After graduating, Kacey took a job in Governor Bullock's office.  "Most distinctively, while I’ve been at Carroll,
I’ve learned how important connections are."

Tyler Skidmore, Class of 2015
After graduating, Tyler moved on to law school at Willamette University. He learned more political science than he originally expected, and apparently he liked what he discovered.

Bobbie Owen, Class of 2015
Bobbie won scholarships to attend the University of Wyoming law school. She has a passion for politics and we expect her to go far. Find out why

Tyler Evilsizer,  Class of 2008
Harvard Kennedy School Class of 2012 -  Masters in Public Policy

My Carroll experience played a crucial role in shaping my life decisions after college. The political science department helped move me from having a general goal--make a positive difference in the world--to a specific set of skills I could use. More than anywhere else I've seen, the professors take the time to get to know each student, providing individual advice. My political internship, lobbying with a Carroll-affiliated environmental group at the state Capitol, gave me the confidence and skills to be an effective advocate for my beliefs. Without the well-rounded experience I got from Carroll's study abroad programs, extracurriculars, and excellent professors, I would not be nearly as successful at work and in graduate school.