Graduate Outcomes

Carroll graduates in political science have gone on to high positions such as Governor of Montana and U.S. Representative. For many, the path to such roles runs through law school and indeed we have a very strong record of law school placements. In the past three years, graduates of the political science department have won prestigious scholarships at the University of Montana and Wyoming law schools. Others are studying law at the University of Virginia, Georgetown and the University of Oregon.

A degree in political science can lead to many careers in federal, state and local governments or in the private sector. Some recent graduates are serving with organizations such as AmeriCorps, Teach for America or the Peace Corps. Others work at banks in the region or run public relations for private firms. Some work as lobbyists or on political campaigns. We're proud of them all.

One result of our rigor and sole focus on undergraduates is that Carroll students are better prepared for graduate school than most of their peers. For instance, two students recently published their own work in scholarly journals -- something that most people achieve only as graduate students or as professors. In the fall of 2019 Hailey Kellum published an article on rural versus urban politics in the Undergraduate Journal of Politics, while Sammi Trudeau published an article on Plato in the journal Politikon. Congratulations Hailey and Sammi!

Other colleges recognize this success. This is why we have started new partnerships with the University of Montana to allow Carroll students quicker access to graduate programs. We have a new "3+3" program with the Law School for students to get a Law degree in less time (more here). And a new "4+1" program for a Masters in Public Administration (more here).