Policy and Application for Family Tuition Allowance Program

Firm Application Deadline: March 1
Check your Eligibility


  • List each member of the family unit attending Carroll full-time during the semester.
  • Complete the requested information for each family member.  
  • Sign, date, and submit the completed application to the Carroll Financial Aid Office.
  • Review your statements from the Business Office to ensure that the award has been posted. 
  • An application must be renewed for any subsequent year.

Requestor Information

I hereby certify that the below-indicated members of my immediate family are attending Carroll College on a full-time basis during the semester indicated below, and request award of the Carroll College Family Tuition Allowance as indicated.

Student(s) Attending

* Under “family relationship,” indicate father, mother, son, daughter, husband, wife, etc..
Student Name*Student ID#*Family Relationship*
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