Why I Love Philosophy

What Carroll graduates have to say about philosophy

The search for truth, the quest to fathom life’s meaning and God’s role in it, the exploration of ethics, the investigation into the history of human thought and the pursuit of why we subscribe to our core beliefs - these are the journeys Carroll College philosophy majors make every day in their coursework and academic inquiry.

Before taking this class I believed philosophy consisted of narrow minded people giving answers to questions that had nothing to do with everyday life. I thought that Plato and Aristotle’s writings were abstract to the point of incomprehensibility in the way that they were written, so I might as well not even read them, and that modern philosophers followed in the tradition of mundane writings. Although I would not label myself a philosopher, I have learned their ideas apply to our lives even generations later. To be a philosopher one must 'love' wisdom and seek understanding.

Philosophy is about looking at life and questioning everything about it. I have learned in this course to think about the whys in life and not just passively go through life just as Sophie learned to do in Sophie’s World. In philosophy, love, friendship and wisdom all come together as one can help point out some reasons why the world is as it is.

More people should be interested in philosophy because I think it helps to answer questions such as why a friendship turned out the way it did. Philosophy certainly does get you thinking about the way the world works and what we should be thinking about versus what we actually concern our lives with.

Most people seek to be wise, yet they neglect to realize being wise also means being virtuous and having well structured friendships.

It is extremely important that we study philosophy and not only understand it but institute it in our daily lives so none of our short lives are wasted.

There is a serious lack of deep examination in many people’s lives today… Without thoughtful analysis, we will wonder through life half asleep, much like Ivan Ilych.

Philosophy keeps us grounded in a way, but at the same time lifts up to the heavens.

Philosophy allows people to open their minds and discover what is truly important in life. Therefore, it is accurate to state that people who do not involve themselves in philosophical thought cannot be truly happy. Philosophy is necessary to live a 'good' life.

Philosophy is the enlightenment of our human condition.

Philosophy calls us to literally unshackle our souls and climb to a greater truth.