Degree Requirements


I. Major Program Requirements 

Thirty-four to thirty-six semester credits of philosophy, including the following:

Required courses (7-9 credits) 

  • PHIL 113 Formal Logic
  • PHIL 495 Philosophy Seminar
  • PHIL 497 Senior Paper (1 credit) or PHIL 499 Senior Thesis (3 credits)

Of the remaining 27 credits in philosophy,

  • A maximum of 6 credits can be at the 100 level (limit does not apply to PHIL 113, which is required)
  • At least 9 credits must be upper division (300-400 level courses—min­imum does not include PHIL 495 or 497/499, which are required)
  • At least three of the following courses must be completed
  • PHIL 200 Ancient Philosophy
  • PHIL 202 Medieval Philosophy
  • PHIL 303 Modern Philosophy
  • PHIL 304 Contemporary Philosophy
  • At least one writing intensive course must be completed PHIL 256 Social & Political Philosophy (WI) or PHIL 324 Ethical Theory (WI)

II. Other Program Requirements

1. Six consecutive credits of a modern or classical second language

2. For students who choose to prepare a thesis, the director and one reader must be from the philosophy department. The senior paper requirement is waived upon successful completion of the thesis.Majors and Minors—Physics 219


Minor Program Requirements

Eighteen semester credits of philosophy, including: 

  • PHIL 495 Philosophy Seminar

At least one PHIL course (3 credits) at the 200 level or above

Plus at least one additional PHIL course (3 credits) at the 300 level or above