Carroll believes parents play an important role in the college selection process and provide excellent support for their student throughout his or her time at Carroll.

Carroll College Parents

As parents, we want you to have access to the information you need. We know that parents play an important role in the college selection process and that you will provide excellent support for your student throughout his or her time at Carroll.

For your convenience, we have pulled together information for parents of Carroll College students. Sometimes students are so busy with studies and being a college student, that they forget to tell you about upcoming events.

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If you do not find what you need on these pages, please contact us through our Parent Inquiry form and we can direct you to the information or answer your question. Thank you for your interest in Carroll and for entrusting your son or daughter to our community,

Students of Service

Parents: Greetings from the Student Life Office at Carroll College! In my experiences with our students, there are three common themes that underscore their world view regarding community service:

Act Local
Carroll students become increasingly familiar with community service opportunities in Helena, Montana, through activities, classes and personal interests. Our Hunthausen Center for Peace and Justice sends a weekly email to students and employees highlighting volunteer needs of the community. Carroll students frequently support the efforts of local agencies such as God’s Love homeless shelter, Helena Food Share, Shodair Children’s Hospital and a host of United Way-funded organizations.

Think Global
Carroll College’s Engineers Without Borders chapter has provided labor and expertise to address wastewater and irrigation issues in Mexico and Guatemala. Our nursing students have visited AIDS clinics in South Africa. Headlights service immersion trips travel to the Diocese of Helena’s parish, school, and clinic in Guatemala.

Live Your Values
Carroll students are challenged to explore and develop their beliefs. Our Green Team works to encourage recycling, reduce waste, and conserve campus resources.  Students engage in political causes here in Montana’s capital city and beyond. Some students volunteer as religious education teachers, youth group leaders, camp counselors, and peer ministers. Classroom experiences, peer discussion groups, and retreats help students reflect on their personal values.

Preparing Carroll Students for the Future

Learning the finer points of writing a cover letter or a resume—while still important—are no longer sufficient to advance post-college goals. At Carroll College, we are helping students prepare themselves for a competitive job market and life after college by understanding these variables:

Social Media
Navigating the opportunities and pitfalls of social media has become a new life skill for this generation of students who came of age during the emergence of social media. The value of online transparency motivated employers and graduate schools to screen applicant’s attitudes, work ethic, values and opinions on social media. Carroll College offers job search classes to help our students use social media to support a search for employment, evaluate a graduate school or discern what is involved with a year of volunteer service.

Identifying places to intern—and making time for these internships—is another life planning skill for our students to develop before graduating from college. Employers are using internships as an opportunity to screen potential employees. The percentage of college graduates securing employment through an internship opportunity continues to grow. Carroll College’s Internship Coordinator helps students, beginning their freshman year, secure internships locally, domestically, and even internationally. 

Oral and Written Communication Skills
Group projects, presentations and seminar classes at Carroll College help students develop the best set of job skills. Job applicants who can speak in front of large and small groups and present their writing in a concise and well-edited manner are out-performing their competition in interviews. Carroll College’s liberal arts curriculum supports the development of strong oral and written communication skills, which produces marketable employees and graduate students.

Carroll College continues to adapt in order to produce students who are set up for success in a rapidly changing world. Our goal is to ensure that the students who graduate here are ready to do well in whichever field they may choose.

Annette Walstad
Director of Academic Support Services