Strategic Plan

Grounded in Tradition, Creating a Vision for the Future

Not for school, but for life graphicThis is an exciting time at Carroll College as we are crafting a new Strategic Plan that will finalized by the end 2021. This page currently contains information regarding our prior strategic plan, but it will be updated as the contents of our new plan take form.

More than 100 years of vision, values, enduring commitment, and achievement have combined to create today’s Carroll. As a Diocesan, Catholic institution of growing regional and national renown, we attract increasing numbers of distinguished undergraduate applicants, draw faculty trained at the world’s leading colleges and universities, and are poised to diversify our educational offerings.

Today’s Carroll has accomplished a great deal through an enduring commitment to the fundamental values upon which it was founded. This remarkable legacy of achievement serves to inspire greater goals and to set new expectations for the role that the college can play in today’s world. These new objectives include enduring commitments such as mission, values, and college imperatives along with the overarching vision statements that now set the tone for Carroll’s next period of advancement and achievement.

We will pursue and attain this overarching vision through a group of initiatives that address Carroll’s responsibility to develop programs guided by the enduring principles that have shaped Catholic Diocesan education for centuries, but still responsive to the ever-shifting needs of its students and the communities of which they are a part. As such, we will consider shifting demographics, changing technologies, increasing globalization, and the heightened student expectations that compel us to continually reexamine the value and the promise of the educational experience we provide. These circumstances pose great challenges, but also position us to enhance this experience and excel in new ways.

Like the college itself, this plan is not static. It is a living, breathing endeavor that can and will be modified in response to the progress of its initiatives as well as the changing educational and financial climate.

More information coming soon.