Presidential Inauguration

The Inauguration of Carroll College's 18th President, John E. Cech was on April 26, 2019.

The Year of the Student

The Inauguration of John E. Cech, PhD as the eighteenth president of Carroll College

After attending last year’s Student Undergraduate Research Festival (SURF) and witnessing the outstanding academic achievements of Carroll’s students and faculty, President Cech knew that integrating the inauguration ceremony with this year’s festival would make an important statement about both the current state of the college and the priorities of his presidency. This focus on providing an exceptional educational experience for our students set the theme of the inauguration—The Year of the Student.

Upon John Cech’s Inauguration as President of Carroll College


Advice from Former Carroll Presidents Now Saints in Heaven
a poem by Edward Noonan, April 26, 2019

Celebrating the arrival of the newest former Carroll President entering Heaven,
we all stood before the One God and prayed for Carroll.

A smiling 1st Person of the Trinity, God the Creator, said,
“Who watched the rock that Carroll sits on from its formation?
Who stood with the nomadic people and families
as they stopped and stayed awhile
hugging the side of the rock enjoying hot springs and cover from storms,
celebrating life and death and family events,
while on the rock
someone stood observing the movement across the valley to the Missouri River
including the days that Lewis and Clark passed on their journey?
Who watched Helena spring up around the rock
in one short month from gold discovery
and guided historical events including a Silver Panic
and the choice of the Montana Capitol’s site on the other side of town
causing this rock to be placed into the hands of Bishop Carroll?
Who helped when he built a school for Catholic men
to be free to celebrate their faith and prayer and sacraments?

The Holy Spirit wrapped around us.
We felt the Spirit’s busy presence as the school grew,
as the College sometimes struggled,
sometimes thrived,
while always the Spirit touched the hearts of all involved
including women,
first, the nuns in St. Alberts,
and, next, after World War II woman were let into study.
As the Spirit guided the mind and hearts of those running the school,
a man took what he had learned at Carroll
and brought it to the deliberations of Vatican II
and returned with the power of the Church’s renewal to change his world
in the ecumenical Spirit of Vatican II
making Carroll College a place for people of all faiths and prayers and sacrament.

When Jesus spoke, as usual everyone stopped and listened,
“This school has always been held in my loving heart
and I have embodied it with my life always present,
my life which has shaped the minds of many students
who leave this rock to bring my life and love to many corners of the world"
reminding others to have faith, to pray, to live a sacramental life.”

What was unsaid,
where Jesus life is, so is the loving presence of his mother,
sister to all,
who spends her time holding students in her heart and by her hand,
and, where she is
close behind come angels and saints
taking part in providing students with education filled with grace.
We, presidents of Carroll, know and so should you,
our prayer was said
and our pray was answered
in the same breathe.
Our advice:
count on the Trinity’s care which has always,
will always be here,
and listen to the students
to understand what Carroll is, what Carroll does,
as they pass on to each new class
the truth of Carroll’s mission and its life,
as they grow and learn and see
the ongoing mystery of God’s involvement in their lives,
in all of their histories
in faith and prayer and sacrament.


By the way, one other bit of advice no one will dispute,
don’t be surprised
when people keep one eye
on any guy from Butte.