What Graduates Are Saying

Class of 2017 Carroll College Nursing Graduates

What 2017 Graduates Are Saying

2017 Carroll College Nursing graduates explain what they appreciated most about our nursing program:

The honest feedback, stories and well-rounded experiences that we had as students! Employers that I have talked to know and trust the Carroll program to produce quality graduates that are prepared and willing to learn. I appreciated the check-in with preceptors during the clinical process. The honest and constructive feedback especially senior year allowed me to reflect on areas that I was weaker in and left room for encouragement and growth which was a great spot to be as a student! I am so proud of how far I have come!

The faculty are absolutely excellent and so supportive! They make so many sacrifices for us and make all the difference in this program.

I really enjoyed all of the clinical opportunity we received. I know a lot of other majors do not get the same experience out in the work place like we do and that helps bring together everything we learn in class. I am a visual learner so clinical along with lab time was extremely helpful. 

The nurses in the nursing program here are held to a higher standard. We are really expected to strive to become the best we can be. Yet, we never feel like we are being pushed against our will. We want to perform to the expectations of our professors and clinical preceptors because we respect them and their opinions. That is something that makes great nurses.

I loved how much clinical time we got in the hospital, especially Capstone. I learned so much there.

I am very grateful for the holistic lens that we were formed with at Carroll. I really appreciate all of the simulations and all of the clinical exposure that we received, as well as the opportunity to do post conference debriefing. I am grateful for the smaller class size and truly appreciative of all the professors who gave their best and shared their passions with us. I am especially grateful that in the Carroll nursing program the time was taken to form our character and time was given to teach us how to be virtuous nurses with integrity.

We started sophomore year with our exposure to the hospital. I liked how the department slowly eases you into working at the hospital, it makes the adjustment easier. I also like how many different floors we get to visit, it makes us exposed to several types of nursing. Also, simulations were AMAZING! I learned so much.

Being cared for--the professors know your name and care not only about your nursing career, but your life as a whole.

I really appreciated the clinicals available at this institution. I liked the hands on approach because this allowed me to connect the material in lecture. Also, this approach really impressed my employer when I was interviewing to get a job and hired me on the spot. I really appreciated all the nursing professors and their support in my journey.

I appreciate the fact Carroll has a more holistic approach to their teaching style. I feel it has helped me become more empathetic and accepting of different people and cultures. It has also given me the confidence to know what to do in a job situation if trouble should arise. I appreciate that Carroll nursing will always be behind me once I graduate from this program.

I appreciated the amount of hours spent at clinicals, senior scenarios, capstone, and high expectations put on us because it made us strive to be better. I also felt the professors genuinely cared for us, wanted us to succeed, and were available to us to answer questions.

Not being a number, but being an appreciated student in the program. Having my professors know my goals, aspirations and professional concerns.

I love how this nursing program focused on the patients as a whole. I really feel that I am prepared to care for people and not just their conditions.