What Graduates Are Saying

Class of 2022 Carroll College Nursing Graduates

How attentive professors are!

The constant support from faculty and the standards we’re held to.

The amount of physical clinical hours and simulation practice is very helpful. Especially seeing how other programs do it, I feel much better having that hands-on practice and starting clinicals earlier. I have noticed that we do hard skills like IV starts and pumps early so that when we do clinical hours we can physically do things whereas my friends in other programs observe and do those things last. I am a hands-on learner so that was beneficial for me.

The unconditional support that I got from my professors.

The personable and accessible nature of its nursing professors.

I appreciated the knowledge, kindness, dedication, compassion, empathy, and support of the nursing faculty and staff. I also appreciated how the nursing cohort is only around 40 people because it is conducive to a closer-knit cohort and we don't have to fight for space with the simulators.

The professors’ constant support and encouragement.

The professors for being so willing to meet in person and genuinely caring about our mental health as well as school.

Holistic mind/body/spirit care.

I love the professors. They are knowledgeable and caring.

Professors fostered a safe and welcoming environment to learn.

I really appreciated the nursing professors for their dedication to their students. They are always so willing to help students and work with them when they are struggling. They also are so sensitive to student needs. They really made a huge difference during my time at Carroll College in the nursing program. I also really appreciated the Lab simulations for seniors during the first senior semester in the fall. These scenarios really made me feel more confident about thinking through critical care situations and lessened my anxiety for them in the future.

The professors are very supportive and understanding but also hold us to a high standard.

The professors are always willing to respond to emails in a timely fashion.

The individual support each professor was prepared to offer.

The professors were all extremely helpful and willing to meet anytime we needed it. I really appreciated all of the support that I had.

Attention to detail in teaching skills.

I appreciated the availability of the nursing staff and the lab aides.

The amazing teachers.

I most appreciated the level of dedication from all my professors and the quality of simulation labs.

The willingness for the professors to meet and provide sound advice to the students.

I appreciated the support that I was able to get from staff members.

The overwhelming support from the faculty. I could tell that they genuinely want us to succeed and they do everything they possibly can to help us learn.

The professors were all very understanding and helpful and I always felt well prepared in my clinical situations.

Focus on holistic, patient-centered care.

The professors and the effort they put into their teaching/helping the students.

The support from the professors; the clinical experiences; simulations.

I appreciate the knowledge and willingness of the nursing professors to care for our education and success.

How flexible the professors can be if you need them for anything.

The willingness of the teachers to meet with you outside of class.

I appreciated the support from the nursing faculty.

The support from professors.

The individual attention from professors.

What 2021 Graduates Said

2021 Carroll College Nursing graduates explain what they appreciated most about our nursing program:

I appreciated the close relationships with staff members, and being able to come to them for anything, school related or not. This support meant the world to me throughout my time in the nursing program. I also appreciated that we were able to start clinical hours our sophomore year, which is not a common practice in most programs.

I appreciated most the personalized and small class sizes. This program allows for questions to be answered and care to be taken when learning new skills or topics. I was always able to access help for my education and had opportunities to have lab time to better my skills.

The professors' commitment to our education. It has been amazing to have such supportive professors teach us throughout our nursing school career. The professors also do a really good job on teaching us best practice which has proven to be very helpful and important in the clinical setting.

The professors were by far what I have loved most about our program at Carroll. They pushed me to learn more and work harder than I ever thought possible. Each of them has supported and cared for me in a unique way. All of the professors have helped me to love and appreciate a different aspect of nursing. I feel that I am very prepared to go out and be a new nurse because of their support and teaching. They have pushed us and challenged us to be the best nurses.

How thorough it is - I felt like the education Carroll has provided me has helped me excel in my critical thinking abilities, knowledge of the nursing process, and ability to perform skills while providing safe care in a variety of nursing care settings. I know I will succeed wherever I go, and I have the confidence to do so!

I think that one of the things I appreciate most about the program is the growth you are able to see from the beginning of sophomore year to senior year. Growing in confidence in oneself and just seeing the change in knowledge feels tangible upon (near) completion of the program.

The faculty has always been incredible. Each of them are different in many ways, yet they make a beautiful team for us as students to look up to. This program has pushed me to my limit time and time again, but I can confidently say that the growth that I have achieved in my last four years at Carroll would be unmatched by any other institution. In regards to the faculty, I appreciate the personable approach from our professors. I appreciate the drive and passion they show in each class. I appreciate their willingness to tailor their material and class plans to where the students as a whole are at. I appreciate them always looking out for us and caring for us as individuals. As I am writing this, my heart is overwhelmed with peace and joy knowing that I have been blessed to encounter so many selfless, intelligent, and passionate people. In terms of the lab and classroom preparation, I feel as though Carroll has done a great job of setting expectations and giving us the means to meet and even surpass them. We are encouraged every step of the way, but nothing has ever been handed to us. We are held accountable and taught how to become professionals from the first day we step foot into the classroom. From a student perspective, I know that my mental and physical health matters to my professors. They are advocates for self-care and that has benefitted me multiple times.

The simulations we did. They prepared us for things we haven't seen yet and also helped me with a few interview questions as well!

The best part of the program is the individuality. Every professor seemed to know each of us on a different level.

I appreciate the holistic approach that this program provides. I feel that Carroll graduates as opposed to others have a broadened perspective that really helps us provide integrated, sensitive care.

I appreciated the connection that I was able to make with the faculty and staff of the nursing program. I never felt as if I could not approach anyone, or that I couldn't ask for help.

Our early introduction to the clinical setting, personal relationships with faculty, ATI, simulations.

The comprehensive review course, all of the professors, senior simulations.

The unwavering support from faculty/staff.

I appreciate how much the nursing professors love to teach and are excited every day in class, and have supported me with anything I needed through all my various courses.

I appreciated the redundancy of everything we learned because it really solidified the knowledge and competency.

I appreciated the nursing staff. All of our professors were so caring and knowledgeable. They cared about our education and wellbeing which makes a huge difference in our education.

I appreciated the program’s commitment to making competent nurses through a non-judgmental program. The faculty are always willing to meet with us and clarify any questions we have.

I really liked the fact that I was never intimidated to speak with or meet with the professors and they showed genuine interest in every student.

I appreciated the supportive nursing faculty, early clinical experiences, and simulation that prepared us for critical situations.

The support from the nursing professors, 3 years of clinical experience and holistic

The nursing professors were always very personable and offered help whenever it was needed.

The close connections and relationships formed with our professors.

Some of the best things about the nursing program include starting clinicals during sophomore year to get some extra experience, all of the ATI/NCLEX prep we do during the whole program but especially during the last semester, and simulation which really does prepare us for real life situations. I also appreciated that the administrative support person was such a good communicator and kept us updated on all things Nursing.

The professors!

I appreciated the ability to attend evening lab hours to practice skills outside of scheduled class time. The availability of most of the professors also created a higher sense of support than I would have first thought when entering the program - they seem to truly care about the academic success and personal well-being of their students.

The expectations are high and consistent, yet the intentional support from all professors made it possible to not only complete each course or skill competently but thoroughly and with an open mind.

So much clinical time!

The genuine and constant support from professors, administrative support, and Lab techs! Your passion is contagious and makes me want to learn along with you.

Holistic perspective and therapies! learning about them and their integration in class.

The professors make the program!

I appreciate the nursing professors and their compassion for the students, as well as their willingness to work with students who are struggling or may not be doing so well. I appreciate that the program pushes students, and prepares them well to go into the workforce.

What 2020 Graduates Said

2020 Carroll College Nursing graduates explain what they appreciated most about our nursing program:

Supportive learning environment, amazing professors, great clinical opportunities, and a very holistic and well-rounded nursing education.I really appreciated that the professors and the program hold every student to the highest standard of professionalism and accountability. This starts as sophomores and carries throughout our time at Carroll; preparing us to be the best students and ultimately the best nurse.

Early integration into the clinical setting. 

The emphasis on holistic care. Mind, body and spirit are the areas that we have been prepared to care for. If there is a patient, a lot of the times, it is not only the body that is unwell but that affects the mind and spirit. We must assess all these areas. Also, the incorporation of faith and prayer before classes. As a Catholic school, I am grateful God was in the space of learning because nursing is such a ministry in itself and that is why I am passionate about it. And the Professors were rockstars. I don't think there is a program in the country that has the professors that Carroll College has, they care so much about the students and will go the extra 500 miles to help and support them.

Building a meaningful relationship with professors who care.

The willingness to help and kindness from the whole nursing faculty and students.

The tight knit group of professors.

Hands on and caring professors.

The love and support felt by the nursing professors.

Hands on practice in lab and with patients, professors being so supportive and flexible in helping with success instead of a "weed out" mentality, clinical and hospital experiences.

The amount of concern each professor had about me. Felt like they all wanted me to

Skills labs and clinical experiences.

How personable and available the professors are.

The continued support and commitment from the professors.

I appreciated the professors and the warmth and affection that they showed all of us. I really like that no matter what every single one of the professors was there for us.

I appreciated how much the teachers cared about our learning as well as developing us to be great people. My schedule with soccer was always crazy, especially senior year. The teachers always went out of their way to make sure I got my clinicals, labs, tests on the road, and classwork completed. They were always our advocates and set a great example for us! How much the nursing faculty invests into the students. It is a rigorous program and they challenge you, yet will partner with you to ensure your success.

The family feel of the program and the support from all of the nursing professors. You can really tell that all the professors care about your success and education, which I am so appreciative of.

The support from the professors.

How the professors treat us like family and by doing so are able to hold us to a high standard and we want to meet and exceed that standard.

The support from the professors and the non-competitive environment.

The high expectations of professors and the genuine care they had for us as people, students, and future nurses.

The support from the nursing professors, 3 years of clinical experience and holistic

The professors and my cohort!

The close connections and relationships formed with our professors.

The professors and how caring and dedicated they are to us and our success.

The Professors working with us as individuals and flexibility as life happens.

The professors.

I appreciated how involved professors were and how much they cared. I think all of the little things like ceremonies, relaxation room, Professor's involvement in creating a nursing community, including having Terri's presence and input, really made the nursing program more than just achieving a degree.

The professors and their devotion to us and our future careers in nursing.

The professors are more invested in our success as students and nurses than any other department.

The wonderful professors, and the holistic care focus.

The support from the Professors. All of these women are amazing human beings who are so passionate about what they do and who truly care about each and every one of their students. I couldn't imagine learning from anyone else.

The support from the nursing professors. The Professors working with us as individuals and flexibility as life happens.

The emphasis on holistic care and the professors.

How much each professor invests in us.

The holistic aspect and how much professors cared about their students!

What 2019 Graduates Had To Say

2019 Carroll College Nursing graduates explain what they appreciated most about our nursing program:

The holistic nursing approach and how much we truly got to know our professors as well as our classmates. I truly believe I couldn't have received a better education.

I really appreciated that the professors and the program hold every student to the highest standard of professionalism and accountability. This starts as sophomores and carries throughout our time at Carroll; preparing us to be the best students and ultimately the best nurse.

I appreciated the support that was offered by nursing faculty. They work with you and continuously have your back all while expecting us to meet the high standards of what it takes to be a Carroll nursing student. I appreciate how well prepared we are. 

I appreciated my professors and the knowledge, wisdom, patience, sacrifice and support they provided me with over my time at Carroll. I appreciated my senior scenarios and felt I learned most through them.

The knowledge and expertise of all the nursing staff to best prepare me for my career in nursing.

I appreciated the focus on holistic care, therapeutic communication, and professional communication

The faculty! They are incredibly supportive, highly intelligent, and kind. They have helped shape me into the person and nurse that I am today.

The individualization of student/faculty relationships and how personalized our education was. Being able to lean on not only your peers but your professors for support as well is incredibly important.

I appreciate how much my professors care about my success as a nurse. Any time I needed extra support, advice, or clarification, my professors were willing to go out of their way to make sure I found success.

Starting clinicals our sophomore year was great and gave me a firsthand look at what I would be learning.

The community aspect, the close relationships with the faculty, the sweet, caring and driven professors who truly want you to succeed and inspire you daily, watching the transformation and growth of all of my classmates

The level of academics I received, as well as the caring nursing staff

I appreciated the one on one time with professors, especially during lab times when we were learning our most important skills. I appreciated the pace at which classes were set, it never felt overwhelming or like we had too little to do.

I appreciated the close relationship I was able to have with my professors and the amazing opportunities I have had in this program from learning holistic care to practicing in the many clinical environments!

How much the professors care about our success and how close knit the class becomes. I really appreciate the dedication the professors have for our success. I felt I could approach any professor at any time with a problem and they would be more than willing to help.

Small classroom sizes, personal relationships with professors, simulations.

How much the nursing faculty invests into the students. It is a rigorous program and they challenge you, yet will partner with you to ensure your success.

The faculty and their dedication to our education. I really feel like we have the tools necessary to become excellent nurses!

Our professors knew us by name, small enough class to where we could get one on one time when we needed it. The holistic aspect and focus on compassion.

The closeness with all of my classmates and professors.

I appreciate how every professor makes it their personal mission to make us excited and prepared to be a nurse. I am so grateful for the small class size that made me feel comfortable asking questions and going to my professors for help. Above all else, I am so appreciative that our professors encourage us to reach for whatever nursing dream job we want.

I appreciated the nursing faculty and staff that supported each and every one of us inside and outside the classroom. We were taught practical skills to apply to our profession and our lives forever.

Small class sizes, hands on scenario and skills work, clinical throughout the program in all different areas of nursing.

How much the professors believed in us!

The hands-on approach the professors take through labs

Small class sizes, feeling of family within the cohort

Scenarios where so realistic and everything came together in the end

What 2018 Graduates Had To Say

2018 Carroll College Nursing graduates explain what they appreciated most about our nursing program:

The most encouraging portion of this nursing program is the support of the nursing professors. I have always felt cared for, supported, and prepared because of the passion and drive the professors have shown.

The amount of time and effort the nursing faculty put in to ensure the class of 2018 was successful! Thank you!!

The amount of help received from the educators and preceptors. They helped us so much and put in so much time for us to help us succeed. I really felt supported in this program and like we really were close as a class and that our teachers wanted us to do well. I'm so grateful for the amount of time we had in clinical and what we had for Capstone.

The availability of faculty to meet each student's needs.

I love the dedication of the professors. They truly went above and beyond for their students and always did their best to meet them where they were at. I loved how inclusive things were when it came to class time as well as even outside. There is such a feeling of ongoing support.

I really appreciated how available the faculty always was for us students!

The amount of time and energy the faculty spent ensuring I would become a competent and compassionate nurse. I also love the holistic lab and the simulation lab - it was great experience to be able to practice acute and chronic disease processes on a manikin before going out into the real world.

Everything! All of the teachers here are very passionate and caring. They are also all very intelligent and great at what they do. Every single one of them have been beneficial in my education.

How kind the nursing professors are and how much they want to help you.

Our professors not only teach us to the best of their abilities, but they go to all lengths to ensure our success. They prepare us, call us to a higher level, but have an open door policy and listen to us as human beings. I love our professors and they truly do give the appropriate rigor and love to this program. They are, without a doubt, the best part of this program.

I appreciate all of the time each nursing professor puts in to make this program run. I have learned so much from this program.

The amount of clinical hours we were able to complete in a variety of settings.

I loved doing the scenarios, capstone seminar, and the opportunity to do so many different clinicals.

The time the nursing professors spent with us.

Online programs, professor availability, labs!

The professors, because of how passionate and helpful they are.

The amount of support and time the professors take to make sure we are successful in the program.

I appreciated the close knit program, and scenarios.

I appreciated how open the professors are to help everyone. I also loved the online supplemental resources.

The staff's dedication and passion for their program.

I appreciated the unfailing support from the nursing faculty and staff. All of the staff truly care about us as students and do everything they can in order to help us succeed.

Availability of faculty to help with any questions/concerns

The professors were always there for help and very supportive. I also liked that the program started in sophomore year rather than junior year.

The support and passion from the nursing staff.

The genuineness of the nursing staff along with the accurate preparation and information given.

I always felt like the nursing professors were there to help me in my journey and never giving up on me. They were always available to answer my questions.

The faculty was really supportive.

The amount of support the nursing faculty provides us.

The faculty's dedication to their students' success. I always felt supported in my learning by the staff and I could not have asked for any better educators.

I appreciate how the program pushed me to my potential. I really enjoyed and took advantage of the challenges that came at me.

I appreciate the feeling that professors want you to succeed and will do anything to help you. They take real, practical situations from their careers as nurses and help equip you with skills to handle those situations. There is a good mix of personalities/teaching styles within the program too, which is helpful and realistic to a real work environment.

The professors are willing to give you the best experience and teach in the most appropriate way for each class. Simulation throughout nursing school has helped me be prepared to be a new graduate nurse and sets me up for success in any scenario I may come across. Having the opportunity to have so many clinical hours and opportunities than other schools has also benefited me and prepared me for a new graduate nurse.

The professors, and their willingness to really help us be the best we can.

I appreciate all I have learned, and how kind the professors are. The willingness to work with us all individually was really helpful in times of struggle.

The support from the nursing department and the simulations.

The relationship between the students and the teachers. It was a very safe environment for learning and making mistakes. I really enjoyed lab times and clinical time as most programs do not receive as much hands on experience. The change in hospitals for med/surg was an amazing learning experience as well as an opportunity to experience multiple fields of nursing throughout rotations.