International Relations

International Relations at Carroll College

What to Expect

Carroll’s International Relations program is designed to provide students with the training necessary to pursue careers in international business, government, law, teaching, and other related fields. Through this interdisciplinary program students gain the knowledge and skills to understand and improve our interconnected world. We encourage and help students take advantage of chances to study or intern abroad.

Life After Graduation

International Relations is one of the hottest fields for young people emerging into the job market. Now more than ever, the global economy and international peace are critical to everyone’s life, and a degree in International Relations from Carroll College will usher you into a career where you can be involved with such vital issues as globalization, diplomacy, international conflict, and human rights.

Specific Opportunities include:

  • Foreign service officer
  • CIA analyst or officer
  • International lawyer
  • Federal policy analyst
  • Congressional office/committee staffer
  • Homeland Security officer
  • Customs officer
  • Immigration officer
  • International agency officer
  • International research specialist
  • Legislative analyst / coordinator
  • Lobbyist
  • Think-tank analyst; political commentator
  • Public affairs research analyst
  • Manager/officer for international banking or business firms
  • University professor