Faculty Information Guide: Instruction

Tailored Library Instruction


Library instructional sessions are designed to introduce students to reliable, authoritative information sources and effective strategies for conducting library research, with a focus on the Corette Library's print and electronic resources. Lessons that target specific research assignments tend to be more successful than general instruction on how to use electronic or print resources.  

The value of a formal library session at Carroll lies not only in the skills and concepts covered in class, but also in the resulting interactions between students and librarians outside of class. Students who have been introduced to librarians through classroom instruction often seek them out when they wish to learn more about library resources and research techniques. A combination of approaches over the course of a student’s time at Carroll helps to foster a deep understanding of disciplinary research practices as well as the ability to transfer key skills and habits of mind between disciplines and beyond, into life after Carroll.

  • One-time Instruction -- A librarian leads one class session in the library computer lab or your regular classroom. Ideally, students will have an assignment that requires certain resources and research skills. 
  • Multiple Instruction Sessions -- Because many research skills cannot be taught in one session, some faculty members request multiple sessions.
  • Live Online or In-Person Instruction -- We can provide virtual instruction using Zoom, or visit your classroom in-person, whatever you prefer. ​Instruction sessions may take place during your regular class time in your assigned classroom, or you may request a room in the library and instruction at a different time; librarians are available for live instruction during our Research Help Desk hours. Live librarian instruction is not available during the first 2 weeks of Fall Semester, or the first week of Spring Semester as all library staff are needed to train and coach our large team of student employees (who we rely upon heavily to staff the library and help patrons like you!).
  • Recorded Instruction / Pre-prepared Learning Objects -- If you prefer to have recorded instruction or curated learning objects inserted into a Moodle course, we will work with you to design what is more effective for you and your students. 


Librarians can teach a variety of subjects including (but not limited to):

  • Effectively search databases specific to your discipline;
  • Evaluate information resources, either library-owned or not;
  • Select and refine their research topic;
  • Thoughtfully engage in the information-seeking process;
  • Cite resources according to a specific style;
  • Successfully use Zotero, the (free) citation and research management tool;
  • And whatever else you can think of!

Please contact the library to make arrangements for library orientations and/or instruction at least two weeks in advance of the requested date.