Helping a Student Get Help

When a Student Needs Help

Faculty, staff, friends, and parents of students are often the first to notice students who are in psychological distress or academic trouble. If you believe a student might benefit from counseling, first let the student know you are concerned about them. Suggest to the student that it may be beneficial to talk with a professional who can help address the student's particular issue. Avoiding labeling or passing judgment on the student, and point out that seeing a counselor does not mean he or she is "crazy" or "sick". In fact, it is a sign of personal responsibility and being proactive in your self-care. If students are hesitant, it may be helpful to offer to make the appointment for the student.

How Can We Help?

Seeing a counselor does not mean you are "crazy" or "sick"

If the student appears to be in crisis, it may be necessary to walk the student over to Counseling Services, located in the Wellness Center (Basement of Guadalupe Hall). Examples of the types of specific problems for which counseling may be useful include:

Excessive stress and worry;
Interpersonal problems;
Academic or time management problems;
Alcohol or drug abuse;
Excessive weight gain or loss or eating problems; or
Difficulty sleeping.

The above is not an all-inclusive list. There are many other issues that may be cause for concern. If you find yourself questioning how to proceed with a student or situation, Counseling Services welcomes you to contact a counselor for a confidential consult regarding what you can do for the student or how to refer the student to counseling. Situations in which a consultation or referral would be appropriate include:

You are concerned the student is self-destructive, suicidal, dangerous to others, severely depressed, or out of contact with reality;
You feel overwhelmed or burdened by the student and/or the student's problem;
A student's behavior is perceived as threatening or disruptive; or
Other students come to you with concerns about the student.

When Can We Help?

Counseling Services hours are 9:00 am-4:00 pm Monday-Friday. We generally operate on an appointment basis, although emergencies are accommodated as soon as possible.