Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees for the services?
No way! Individual counseling services are a free for you, as a student, of Carroll College. You are expected to cover any off-campus counseling services from a private provider though, which is why we recommend adequate health and accident insurance.

How many times can I go before they kick me out?
You can have as many 50 minute sessions as you need, the counselors will see you until/unless they deem your situation beyond their scope and then they will refer you to someone more suited to your needs.

What about confidentiality?
Don't worry about it! Your confidentiality is strictly protected and your counseling records are not part of your academic record. Your written consent is needed for the release of any of your counseling records, unless there is danger to yourself or another.

Does seeing a counselor mean I'm "crazy" or sick"?
Not at all! Seeing a counselor is merely an indication that you are taking personal responsibility for yourself and being pro-active in your self-care. Anyone who doesn't care about their well being is crazy!