Softball Weekend Captains Meeting

Carroll Campus
O'Connell 107
Softball Weekend Graphic

Team rosters, conduct forms, and a $100 fee must be turned in at the Student Activities Office Borromeo room 130 by noon on Tuesday, April 11. Only those who have signed the Student Conduct Agreement form are eligible to play for your team.

Get all the documents on the Softball Weekend website

Mandatory Softball Weekend Meeting for all captains on Tuesday at noon on April 11 in OC 107. If the captain cannot attend, please send a substitute to represent your team. Captain meeting agenda:

  • Explanation of Weekend - non-alcohol softball tournament (safety)
  • Responsible Student Conduct Agreement (making good decisions)
  • The rules (what the weekend will look like)
  • Only current students and employees are legal to play on your team
  • Questions and Answers
  • Captains putting together teams and team fees (rosters)
  • Teams with Inappropriate names will not be added to the roster.
  • Deadlines and Team Shirts
  • All are asked to play on only one team.  If you must a maximum of 2.
  • Club funds cannot be used to pay for shirts or for team fees!

Having fun is what this is all about...    Let's celebrate life and friendship and a great weekend!