Project Directors

glowienka-ed.jpgDr. Edward Glowienka is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Carroll College, where he has taught since 2013. He received his Ph.D. from Emory University.  His primary research interests are in 17th and 18th C. philosophy, with particular emphasis on how the scientific revolution impacted modern understandings of nature, human nature, and political organization. His most recent publication is Leibniz’s Metaphysics of Harmony.

Dr. Glowienka brings to the seminar expertise in the history of philosophical approaches to ethics, nature, and technology, as well as experience teaching in interdisciplinary settings. He brings a Socratic spirit of wonder and dialogue to all his teaching and he looks forward to discussing with participants both the promises and perils of contemporary paradigms for addressing environmental concerns.

Chris FullerDr. Christopher Fuller is an Associate Professor of Theology at Carroll College where he has served in this and other administrative roles since 2004.  His Ph.D. is in Interdisciplinary Studies from the Graduate Theological Union in Berekeley, CA.  In his academic work and teaching he has blended historical studies, literary theory, and cinema studies for publications and classes on topics that range from The Godfather films to the Harry Potter novels.  His approach to teaching emphasizes collaboration with students in the exploration of new insights.  

Dr. Fuller brings to this seminar a strong background in interdisciplinary approaches to topics including his personal background in music and photography.  In fact, his photography is featured throughout this web site.  He looks forward to exploring with you the ways in which the humanities, in their varieties of express, can inform our understanding of nature.

Visiting Scholars

Grant HokitDr. Grant Hokit has taught biology and ecology at Carroll College for over twenty years.  As a scientist, he acknowledges that “the human dimension is critically important in managing the landscape for future generations” and he very much wants to be involved in conversations that bridge the gap between the humanities and the sciences.


Melissa KwasnyMelissa Kwasny received her MFA from University of Montana; she is an adjunct professor at Carroll. She is an acclaimed poet, essayist and novelist who uses her medium to maintain an intimate and ongoing relationship with nature; she believes that seeing humankind and the natural world as a unified whole is key to understanding our existence.


Mike JettyMike Jetty is an enrolled member of the Spirit Lake Dakota Nation and a Turtle Mountain Chippewa descendant.  Mike is currently working at the Montana Office of Public Instruction as an Indian Education Specialist. He has been working with Indian Education issues for the past 25 years and has teaching experience at both the K-12 and University level. He has a B.S. in History Education, a Master’s in School Administration and an Education Specialist Degree. In 2008, Mike was honored to be chosen as the Indian Educator of the Year by the Montana Indian Education Association. In the last 12 years, he has provided over 200 Indian Education workshops for over 3500 educators.