Degree Requirements


Minor Program Requirements
Twenty-one (21) semester credits in music, including:

I. Required Courses (9 credits)

  • MUS 109 Keyboard Musicianship I (3)
  • MUS 119 Sight Singing and Aural Skills (3)
  • MUS 261 Music Appreciation (3)

II. Electives (12 credits)
 Includes any other MUS courses and ED 329. Of the twelve (12) credit hours of elective courses, a maximum of six (6) credit hours in applied music and performance ensembles may be applied toward the Minor in Music. Applied music and performance ensemble courses include: MUS 129-130, MUS 199, MUS 229-230, MUS 231-232, MUS 235-236 and MUS 475.

Note: Credits earned for this minor will not count toward a separate Combined Fine Arts Minor. A minimum of six (6) semester credits for this minor must be taken at Carroll College.