MMMC Contest Rules

Contest Rules

Participants in the MMMC are expected to follow the spirit of the rules used by COMAP in the MCM/ICM contests. Most notably, students will be bound by the following two rules:

  1. Teams may use any inanimate source of data or materials --- computers, software, references, web sites, books, etc., however all sources used must be credited. Failure to credit a source will result in a team being disqualified from the competition.
  2. Team members may not seek help from or discuss the problem with their advisor or anyone else, except other members of the same team. Input of any form from anyone other than student team members is strictly forbidden. This includes email, telephone contact, personal conversation, communication via web chat or other question-answer systems, or any other form of communication.

Summary Sheet

  • At the top of your summary sheet list the title and team number only. Do NOT list any group member names or institution information.
  • The summary should be no more than two pages in length and should be single spaced with a 12 point font.
  • Teams may submit an additional sheet listing the references used to create their model.

A summary should clearly describe your approach to the problem and, most prominently, what your most important conclusions were. The summary should inspire a reader to learn the details of your work.

10-Minute Presentation

  • Clearly state (in your own words) which problem you are solving and how you plan to solve it.
  • List and provide rationale for all assumptions you make in solving your problem.
  • List all variables used in your model.
  • If applicable, justify your choice of model by comparing it to other models.
  • Discuss your model's strengths and weaknesses. Use pictures, charts, diagrams, etc. to explain your problem and your solution methods.
  • Try to avoid reading text off the screen.
  • Discuss future goals and ideas concerning your problem.