On the Road

Meet with us! 

Whether you spot us at an in-person or virtual college night, high school presentation or other event, we look forward to meeting you.  Below you can see when our admission team will be or in-person or on-line in an area near you.

Our admission counselors are also available to answer questions or meet for an individual virtual meeting.

If the predetermined *office hours or *individual meetings don't work for you, contact your admission counselor today  and we'll do our best to accommodate your schedule. (*subject to change due to holiday breaks or campus closures).

Personal Individual Meetings

CounselorLink to ScheduleDescription
Ty Eisbachhttps://calendly.com/tyatcarrollIndividual Virtual Meetings via Zoom
Julia Malmohttps://calendly.com/juliaatcarrollIndividual Virtual Meetings via Zoom
Nicole Noelhttps://calendly.com/meetwithnicolenoelIndividual Virtual Meetings via Zoom
Jesus Parra Gutierrezhttps://calendly.com/meet-with-jesus-parra-gutierrezIndividual Virtual Meetings via Zoom
Elizabeth Zimmermanhttps://calendly.com/elizabethatcarrollIndividual Virtual Meetings via Zoom

National Options

DateTimesDescriptionLink / LocationCounselor

Visit Options by Geographic Location

April 196:oo PM PCTWACAC College Fairs - Santa Clara Convention CenterIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
April 216:00 PM PCTWACAC College Fairs - Templeton HSIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
April 231:00 PM PCTWACAC College Fairs - Scripps Ranch HSIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
April 241:30 PM PCTNACAC College Fairs - Anaheim Convention CenterIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
April 253:30 PM PCTCollege & Career Night - Santa Clara HS (Oxnard)In-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
April 266:00 PM PCTWACAC College Fairs - Granada Hills Charter HSIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
April 29:00 AM MDTRMACAC College Fair - Pine Creek HSIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
April 31:00 PM MDTRMACAC College Fair - Cherokee Trail HSIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
April 46:00 PM MDTCatholic HS of Denver 21st Annual Catholic College FairIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
March 119:15 AM MDTOwyhee HSIn-PersonJulia Malmo
March 1111:25 AM MDTBishop Kelly In-PersonJulia Malmo
March 11-13 ICYCIn-PersonJulia Malmo
March 149:15 AM MDTRocky Mountain HSIn-PersonJulia Malmo
March 1410:30 AM MDTRenaissance HS In-PersonJulia Malmo
March 1411:30 AM MDTRocky Mountain HSIn-PersonJulia Malmo
March 141:45 PM MDTMountain Home HSIn-PersonJulia Malmo
April 259:00 AM - 3:00PM MDTWest Ada College Fair at Rocky Mountain High SchoolIn-PersonJulia Malmo
April 301:00 PM MDTPNACAC College Fair in BoiseIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
March 78:00 AM MDTCuster County HSIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
March 711:00 AM MDT Powder River HSIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
March 71:00 PM MDTSt. Labre HSIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
March 88:15 AM MDTColumbus HSIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
March 810:30 AM MDTSweet Grass HSIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
March 812:00 PM MDTPark HSIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
March 910:15 AM MDTGallatin HSIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
March 912:00 PM MDTPetra AcademyIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
March 91:30 PM MDTBelgrade HSIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
March 108:15 AM MDTLaurel HSIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
March 1010:13 AM MDTBillings Senior HSIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
March 1011:45 AM MDTBillings CentralIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
March 1111:00 AM MDTBillings WestIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
March 149:00 AM MDTBPA State Leadership Conference - Billings Hotel Convention CenterIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
April 49:00 AM MDTGreat Falls HS In-PersonJulia Malmo
April 411:45 AM MDTGreat Falls Central Catholic HSIn-PersonJulia Malmo
April 41:00 PM MDTCenterville HSIn-PersonJulia Malmo
April 42:30 PM MDTCMR HSIn-PersonJulia Malmo
March 1510:45 AM MDTBingham HS In-PersonJulia Malmo
March 151:00 PM MDTJuan Diego In-PersonJulia Malmo
March 169:00 AM MDTEast HSIn-PersonJulia Malmo
March 1610:00 AM MDTWest HSIn-PersonJulia Malmo
March 1611:10 AM MDTBonneville HSIn-PersonJulia Malmo
March 1612:30 PM MDTBonneville HSIn-PersonJulia Malmo
March 162:00 PM MDTJudge Memorial HSIn-PersonJulia Malmo
March 1712:45 PM MDTSt. Joseph Catholic HSIn-PersonJulia Malmo
April 1211:00 AM PCTDeSales Catholic HSIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman
April 122:15 PM PCTCollege Place HSIn-PersonElizabeth Zimmerman

What is an Informational Meeting?

An informational meeting is an opportunity for you to meet one-on-one with your admission counselor to learn more about Carroll College.

These meetings are not a required part of your application to Carroll, but they are a chance for you to learn more about our academic programs and campus community. They are a chance for you to discuss your high school interests and experiences with your admission counselor and ask your financial aid questions too.

Informational meetings are scheduled for thirty minutes and they tend to be an informal meeting at a local coffee shop. These meetings are just as much a chance for you to interview Carroll as anything else.

Meetings are available whenever our admission counselors are traveling to your area. Contact your admission counselor today!