Why I Love Math

Why I Love Math

We love math! Click on a photo below to hear what some of our professors and students have to say about their love for mathematics.

Michael Fiore Joe King Dr. Kelly Cline Jessica Knapp Dr. Ted Wendt Elias Pomeroy Emily Speranza Ryan Swenson Dr. Eric Sullivan Dr. John Scharf Dr. Jodi Fasteen


Debate: The Greatest Mathematical Theorem

What is the greatest mathematical theorem of all time?

On February 25, 2016, Carroll professors Dr. Kelly Cline and  Dr. Eric Sullivan presented their arguments over which theorem is the greatest mathematical discovery in all of history. Dr. Cline selected a theorem from Ancient Greece while Dr. Sullivan defended one from Germany in the late 1800s. Each professor gave a presentation about his chosen theorem, followed by audience questions and a standard debate format. After a lively and exciting debate, audience members used their clickers to vote on the winner. Watch the video below to find out who the audience chose as the winner!