Graduate, Professional School, Employment

A Solid Background

At Carroll, our Mathematics major focuses on the skills you need to succeed at the next level.

Our emphasis on real-world problems, through group and independent projects, and the effective communication of results helps our graduates when looking for graduate school opportunities and jobs.

Applied Mathematics

Graduates from our mathematics program make an immediate impact in a variety of careers. Our alumni are working as actuaries, computer programmers, engineers, hospital administrators, and secondary teachers.

For those choosing to continue their education, the choices are just as varied. Recent graduate school opportunities for our mathematics majors include:

  • Applied mathematics (University of Colorado)
  • Computer science (Arizona State University)
  • Dental school (Case-Western Reserve University)
  • Hospital management (University of Washington)
  • Industrial engineering (University of Washington)
  • Law school (Gonzaga University)
  • Mathematics (University of Iowa)
  • Water Resources (University of Colorado)