Program Courses

MSW Courses at Carroll College

Carroll College's MSW program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to prosper in diverse practice environments. Our clinically-focused curriculum is built around four emphasis areas that inform everything we do:

  • Trauma-informed / resilience-focused care
  • Intergrated behavioral health care
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Professsional leadership

Our program offers two tracts: the traditional tract is for those who do not have an undergraduate degree in social work from a CSWE-accredited program while the advanced-standing tract is generally for people who have an undergraduate degree in social work (BSW or BSSW) from a CSWE-accredited program. 

The traditional tract is a 60-credit hour program that can be completed in two years on a full-time basis but part-time options are available. The program includes two different curriculum, the generalist curriculum and the specialized curriculum. In the generalist curriculum, students complete foundational courses that support the development of basic social work knowledge and practice skills as well as an understanding of the social work profession in terms of our history, mission, values, and ethics. Courses included in the generalist curriculum are:

  • Diversity and Social Justice
  • Human Behavior and the Social Environment
  • Clinical Methods I - Individuals and Families
  • Clinical Methods II - Groups, Organizations, and Communities
  • Policy and Advocacy in Social Work Practice
  • Research for Social Work Practice
  • Field Practicum (two courses)
  • Field Seminar (two courses)

The second year of the traditional program provides students with specialized knowledge and skills needed to prosper as a clinical social worker. The specialized curriculum includes the following courses:

  • Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Clinical Methods III - Integrated and Interdisciplinary Care
  • Substance Use and Co-occurring Disorders
  • Clinical Methods IV - Evaluation of Practice
  • Leadership and Management
  • Elective courses (three courses)
  • Field Practicum (two courses)
  • Field Seminar (two courses)

The advanced-standing tract, the 30-credit hour option generally available to students with a BSW or BSSW, only includes specialized curriculum courses described above. For those already working as a helping professional, this tract is an excellent option if you are interested in increasing your skills and knowledge and taking advantage of additional professional opportunities.

As always, if you are interested in a Carroll College MSW degree, let's schedule a talk to meet so we can learn more about what's motivating you to pursue an MSW and other professional goals. We're easy to get in touch with at