Square Dancing

Round-dance Choreography

Craig Pierson was involved with the Billings Square and Round-dance community during the 1990’s, publishing their "Grapevine" newsletter, writing choreography for 26 published Round-dances, and preparing detailed cue sheets for dozens of customers, nationwide. Round-dances are ballroom dancing, with choreography specific to a particular music recording. The couples move in a circle around the floor. Cue sheets give the dance details, and Head Q's are the summary of the cues, spoken by the leader to the dancers while the music is played. Following is a Head Q's page for our wedding dance, "Hollywood Carousel".

Head Q'sHollywood Carousel43-44 rpm
Record: Arista Flashback 9491 or AS 0660 "Pop Movies Pt 1" by MECO (Not classic by Raye)
Choreo by C. Pierson & L. Hanson - inspired by Dr. Larry & Aleta Dunn
Phase 5
Measure20th Century Fox fanfare (Rumba & Foxtrot) 
Wait Op fcg wall; Qk Ack to Bfly; Roll 3 <qqs>Bfly; Aida;
Switch rock ; Slow Thru to Prom Sway ; Slow Rise & Change sway ;
Outsd Ck; <bk to a> Slow Tipple Chasse to Lod & Hold for pkup notes;;
 Tara's Theme - Gone wl the Wind (Foxtrot) 
FT Prog Box ;; Three step ; Mod Op Nat'I ; Outsd spin ; Outsd Ck ;
Slo Piv 2 fc Lod; ChgDir; Diam Turn;;;; 3 Step; Fwd, Run2;
Prog Box;; Three step; ModOpNat'I; Outsd spin; Outsd Ck;
Slo Piv 2 Lod; ChgDir; Diam Turn;;;; 3 Step; Fe, Sd, Cl Bfly;
Part A
 Magnificent Seven (Cha cha) 
9-56 Cha Basic;; Shldr to Shldr 2x to LH Star;; Umbrella Turns to Bfly ;;;; Part B
Chase Peek a Boo - Twice ;;;; ;;;; Fenceline ; Spot turn to fc <no hands> ;
Part B
 James Bond Theme (Two step) 
57-66 Twisty vine 8 w/ Snaps;; Bjo Walk, Ck; Whaletail ;; Walk 2 to SCP; Part C
Snap fingers on beats 1,3,5,7 for the vine !
Lunge, Twist; Bhd. Sd, Thru to SCP Lod; One Two step; Walk 2 <prepare>;
Part C
 Go/dfinger (Mambo) 
Aida ; Bk basic ; Pattycake tap ; Bk basic ; Pattycake tap ;
Roll 3 Bfly ckg ; Cucaracha ; Alemana ;;
Hand to Hand ; Spot turn Bfly ; Sd, Drw, Cl Cp wall ;    *
Part D
 The Good , Bad , & Ugly (Foxtrot) 
FT Box to Scar ;; Twinkle to Bjo ; Manuv ; Spin Turn ; Box Finish ; Reverse
tum 1/2; Check &amp; Weave to Bjo ;; Walk, Fe CP wall;
Part E
 Theme - The Apartment (Two step) 
Broken Box;;;; Strolling Vine;;;; ·
Traveling Box w/ one twirl ;;;; Strolling vine ;;;;
Part F
 Theme - The High & Mighty (Foxtrot) 
Hover ; In &amp; Out Runs ;; Weave to Sep ;;
Slow Sd Lk ; Double Reverse spin ; Walk 4 to Bjo ;;
Part G
Diamond Turn in 12 ;;; Three Step; Nat'I Weave <mod> to SCP;;
Diamond tum danced like 4 meas of waltz !
Fwd Promenade Sway , Change Sway ;



1992 World SD Convention - the Hague 
photos by Perry Kullman
Top: Ruby, Klaus (tour guide) and Craig
Bottom: Ruby Kullman and Craig Pierson dancing during a cruise passing Die Lorelei on the Rhine.