The Glacier Rams Collections

Assembled by an avid Montana collector, whose love of the great outdoors, especially Glacier National Park and the Montana Big Horn Sheep, inspired the name of his latest collections. A lifelong collector with varied interests, the bug hit in 1955 when our collector inherited from his aunt the classic “penny boards.” From there he began to notice the Mint State silver dollars being released into circulation that had been held in U.S. Treasury vaults. Over the decades, the collector has built and sold a number of impressive collections. During grad school at Penn State, he was enchanted by gold types and 3 cent nickels, which were sold in Bowers and Ruddy’s Winthrop sale in 1975. Classic commemorative halves were sold in Kagin’s 1986 ANA sale. Throughout, he collected silver dollars, forming the featured “Montana Collection” in Bowers’ Brooks sale in 1989. When 3rd-party grading arose, he moved, during 1990-2006, to Canadian Dollars, British Types spanning 9 centuries, and Latin Monetary Union 20-Franc gold. In 2017 he offered Glacier Rams Gold Types with Kagin’s, and in August 2020 he offered the “Glacier Rams Roman-Byzantine Solidi” with Stack’s - Bowers.

Legend and CAC helped draw our collector back to US coinage, learning to accept coins in PCGS slabs, so long as most were from Legend, with a bonus CAC sticker! He had the pleasure of meeting the Legend staff at the ANA New Orleans show, and was thrilled to hold a BM Proof CC Dollar awhile. He wishes to especially thank Laura Sperber, Julie Abrams, Greg Cohen and Jose Compos whom he acknowledges guided him to the finest in U.S. Coinage, and the pleasure of the past 8 years doing business with Legend. As our Regency Auctions matured, our collector consigned duplicates to sales 3, 5, 6, 7, 30 & 39.

We have been honored to sell portions of this collection, beginning in Regency Auction 22 in July 2017. The coins offered then made up the bulk of a basic typeset, which together with this final offering, ranked 3rd for the PCGS Basic US Coin Designs 1792- present. Two additional offerings are the 1884 Brilliant Proof Set and the Half-Eagle Circ. Type Set 1795-1929, both ranking 2nd in the PCGS Registry. Rankings do NOT include CAC, which distinguishes every coin in this sale.

As our collector retires from collecting, the staff at LRCA want every bidder to know that the proceeds from his collections are being directed to fund an endowed professorship for STEM faculty and an endowed scholarship at Carroll College. 

By Greg Cohen – Legend Rare Coin Auctions, and Craig Pierson – Consignor October 2020

Legend Rare Coin Auctions' Regency Auction XXII
Legend Rare Coin Auctions' Regency Auction XXII

The Glacier Rams Collection 1

The Glacier Rams Collection 2

The Glacier Rams Collection 3

The Glacier Rams Collection 4

The Glacier Rams Collection 5

The Glacier Rams Collection 6

The Glacier Rams Collection 7

The Glacier Rams Collection 8

The Glacier Rams Collection 9

The Glacier Rams Collection 10

The Glacier Rams Collection 11

The Glacier Rams Collection 12

The Glacier Rams Collection 13

The Glacier Rams Collection 14


LRCA Regency Auction 41
LRCA Regency Auction 41

LRCA Regency Auction 41 coins 1

LRCA Regency Auction 41 coins 2

LRCA Regency Auction 41 coins 3

LRCA Regency Auction 41 coins 4

LRCA Regency Auction 41 5

LRCA Regency Auction 41 6

LRCA Regency Auction 41 7

LRCA Regency Auction 41 8

LRCA Regency Auction 41 9

LRCA Regency Auction 41 10

LRCA Regency Auction 41 11

LRCA Regency Auction 41 11


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from Stack's & Bowers August 2020 Auction

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