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Getting the word out

Q: How do I get my announcement/event approved for advertising on the Carroll website, digital screens, or the weekly student email?
A: In order for an event to be advertised digitally, it must be sponsored by an official Carroll College department, organization, or club. Carroll College will not advertise events that are unattached to Student Life, an academic department, or other recognized entities.

Q: What about non-Carroll events?
We do not advertise non-Carroll sponsored events and announcements on our campus outlets. This includes fundraisers, concerts, community activities, sporting events, etc. If the event is off-campus, a Carroll department or entity MUST sponsor the event.

If your event is sponsored by a recognized department, organization, or club, follow the steps below to receive publicity for your Carroll-approved event. (Note: Faculty/staff - skip to step 2.)

Step 1: Receive approval for event (students only)

Students, your event must be sponsored and pre-approved by one of the following sponsors:  

  • Student Activities: Contact Patrick Harris or Contact Bradly Maddock Jr
  • Corette Library: Contact Jennifer Oates
  • Marketing and Communications: Contact Jeff Wald
  • Or a specific Carroll faculty or administrator sponsor. Please provide approval from the sponsor in writing/email if applicable.

Step 2: Secure a physical location on campus

In order for an event to be advertised, you must contact one of the following:

  • In the Corette Library: or 406-447-4340
  • In the FLEX Theatre: Contact Kimberly Shire
  • In the PE Center: Contact Kurt Paulson
  • All other venues:  Shannon Powell at or 406-447-4407

Step 3: Send the details

Please fill out our Events and Announcement Request form. The Marketing and Communications staff will put your event on the master calendar, website, and digital screens (if applicable), and your event or announcement will be included in the weekly campus-wide event email.

Request Your Event
or Announcement

Please allow for at least two (2) working days in advance in order for your event to be effectivity advertised. If you notify them after, your event will most likely not be given the attention you desire.

Q: When will my advertisement appear?
A: Events will be placed on the master calendar within 24 hours of receipt. Because of limited space on the website and digital displays, advertisements closer to the actually event will receive higher priority.


Please Contact Patrick Harris or Contact Jeffery Wald for further clarification or questions.

Important Links

Please research the links that pertain to your event. 

Permission to put on your event:  Contact Patrick Harris

or 406-447-4380.

Funding help for your event:  Contact Patrick Harris

 or 406-447-4380. He can connect you to the ASCC Treasure.

Advertise your event here

Booking space for your event:  Please contact Shannon Powell in Sodexo Conferencing Services at or (406) 447-4407.