In charting a path forward amid these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is paramount that Carroll College provide students, employees and visitors with a safe environment to learn, work, live and visit.   

The Carroll College Marching Forward Plan is a continued phased approach of policies and protocols that will serve as a guide for the College as we cautiously navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. These policies and protocols are rooted in deliberate, data driven decisions made after reviewing guidance issued by the Center for Disease Controls, State of Montana, and Lewis & Clark Public Health Department. Carroll College’s policies also are consistent with its current understanding of the limitations imposed by Montana law, including House Bill 702 (HB 702). The Montana Department of Labor & Industry has issued guidance related to HB 702. It will take all of us working together to promote a safe and healthy campus environment as we move into the future.

Carroll College understands that keeping an open campus is vital to the educational value for our students. Thus, the College is committed to having in-person instruction, while continuing our commitment to provide students a safe living and learning environment on campus.

This document plans for the implementation of new practices and protocols that seek to better manage the needs of our community. Carroll is fortunate to be small, with very few classes over 25 people. Our size and partnerships allow us to pivot quickly as health protocols change. We continue to be ready to welcome students and visitors on campus - it may look a little different than what we are traditionally used to - but we will adapt and co-create this reality together. 

We are currently operating under Phase 3 of the Marching Forward Plan. Our knowledge and understanding of COVID-19 and HB 702 are ever-evolving, thus our policies and plans will be appropriately updated as more information and guidance continues to become available.